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The official Orienteering USA office contact information is:

Glen Schorr, Executive Director
Orienteering USA
P.O. Box 505
Riderwood, MD 21139
Phone: (410) 802-1125
E-mail: gjs [at] orienteeringusa [dot] org


Robin Shannonhouse is Director of Membership and Accounting Services. Any membership applications, membership queries, sanctioning fees, charter fees, other amounts payable to the federation, and funding or reimbursement requests, should continue to go to her (be sure any funding requests are approved by the appropriate fund manager). Please leave this address on any Orienteering USA membership forms.

Robin Shannonhouse
Director of Membership and Accounting Services
Orienteering USA
P.O. Box 1444
Forest Park, GA 30298
Phone: (404) 363-2110
E-mail: USOF [at] comcast [dot] net

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