Sportident Electronic Punching

"Electronic punching (e-punching or EP) is a faster, better way to record your visit to each control on an orienteering course. Instead of carrying a paper card and punching it at each control location, you wear a plastic e-card, or 'finger stick,' which contains a microchip. At each control site, you insert the finger stick into a control unit, which records the control number and time onto the microchip.

"When you finish the course, you download the data at a transfer station, and receive an instant printout of your time and splits. Even better, you can view compiled printouts that show everyone's splits for the course, so you can see where you gained or lost time." (Description courtesy of BAOC)

In the U.S., Sportident is the EP hardware system of choice.  Hardware and software may be purchased from a number of vendors; see our Vendors page for list of suppliers. See below for SI event software sources.

Equipment rental from Orienteering USA

Sportident equipment is available for rental from Orienteering USA. Valerie Meyer is Orienteering USA's EP Coordinator. Please direct all requests for reservations, questions, concerns, comments, etc. to her via email: [vmeyer9086 [at] aol [dot] com]

The OUSA SI-equipment consists of the following:

  • 75 BSF-8 controls (Red, with bottom display)
  • 3 USB main stations (download stations)
  • 2 sets of miscellaneous service items (Service Off, coupler, Clear Backup)
  • 1 combination lock
  • 1 Black Pelican 1550 shipping case
  • 1 Silver/Black shipping case
  • 1 Box of control tags (31-255, and a number of Clear, Check, Start, Finish)
  • 300+ SI-5 cards

In addition, the following items are loaned out on a case-by-case basis:

  • 90 BSF-8 controls (Red, with bottom display)
  • 55 SI-6 cards

Any rental fees collected for these items are paid to Orienteering USA.

General guidelines and fees for renting the OUSA SI-equipment


  • Controls are charged by the number shipped.
    • The fee is $1 per control up to 250 event registrants
    • $1.50 per control for 251-350
    • $2.00 per control for 351+
  • Controls come with a box of velcro number tags so that clubs can program them to anything from 31-255.
  • The control rental can include up to two master (download) stations and the programming items (Service stick, Clear Backup stick, and black coupler).
  • Rates for events other than an A-meet may be higher (example: week long festivals or adventure races/rogaines which require a longer booking period).
  • Rental by non-OUSA member clubs or individuals is available on a case-by-case basis.  Priority is given to OUSA clubs renting for A-meets — first-come, first-served.


  • SI-cards are $1 per card (person) used for a two- to three-day event.
  • Youth events (i.e., scout or JROTC) are $.50 per card used.
  • SI-card rental for the Interscholastic Championships is free.

SI-cards should be washed and/or dried out before being returned.  They should also be re-strung in numerical order.

Subject to availability, generally during non-peak times, SI-cards may be rented to a club for a 1-2 month period at a flat rate of $1 per card shipped.

Training Kit

Subject to availability, generally during non-peak times, a training kit may be available to a club which is investigating the purchase of SI-equipment. This includes 25 controls, up to 50 SI-cards, 2 master stations, and the programming items.

The fee is $50 for the first time user only, and the time period is 1-2 months.


Software to program the controls is free and available on the Internet.  Software to run an event is the responsibility of the club. See Resources, below.

Lost or damaged equipment

The renting club is responsible for replacing or repairing lost or damaged equipment.


  • Renting club pays all round-trip postage and insurance.
  • Clubs involved in club-to-club shipments can work out with each other how to split the postage costs.
  • Effort to get the equipment hand-carried from one event to another is appreciated.


last updated 16 October 2012