2018 Silva Award Winners, Greg and Kathleen Lennon

The Board of Directors of the Quantico Orienteering Club nominated Greg and Kathleen Lennon for the 2018 Silva Award. We are recognizing this dynamic duo as a couple, because they have individually and jointly devoted their time, talents, and energy to promote and support the sport of Orienteering at both the national and local levels for many years.

2018 President's Award Recipients


Andrea is being recognized for her work with the U.S. Junior Teams and National Junior Program (NJP). Earlier this year, she was officially appointed Junior Team Administrator.  Andrea is the bookkeeper for the Junior program and keeps a close eye on their finances. The Board appreciates all of the work she does to help keep the Junior finances straight. Andrea has also led NJP fundraising efforts at numerous national events, mostly through the ubiquitous Junior Team sandwich sales.

2018 Golden Service Award Recipients


Blaik has been a member of FLO for the past six years and on the FLO Board of Directors since 2014. He was instrumental in hurling FLO into the 21st century with his technical knowledge of computer hardware and software relative to electronic timing and participant tracking within the realm of orienteering. Blaik has devoted countless hours developing one-of-a-kind equipment and software for use by FLO and, more importantly, JROTC competitions throughout the Southeastern U.S. involving several of their designated ‘Areas’.

2017 OUSA Competitive Award Winners Announced

The Annual OUSA Orienteering Awards are given to American orienteers in several categories for outstanding competitive performance over the course of the past year. The Awards Committee members are Susan Grandjean, Boris Granovskiy, Linda Kohn, Patrick Nuss, and Ken Walker Sr.

2018 Iain Wilson Award Winners: Courtney Cutler, Thomas Laraia, Caroline Sandbo


Vote for 2017 Orienteer of the Year Awards!

Voting is now open for the 2017 U.S. Orienteer of the Year Competitive Awards until 11:59pm, February 14th!

2017 President's Award Recipients


Greg has been a member of OUSA’s Board of Directors for the past 11 years, 8 of them as a VP. He has worked tiressly to advance the technical capabilities of OUSA, including managing the OUSA website, payment systems, servers, domains, online membership database, and much more. You have Greg to thank for the ability to pay your dues on-line. He has also volunteered these talents, and much more, to his local club, Quantico Orienteering Club. Greg, together with his wife, Kathleen, have truly helped to make QOC the powerful club it is today.

2017 Silva Award Winner, Bill Gookin

Bill Gookin, San Diego Orienteering Club

One of the fundamental reasons for the success of orienteering in Southern California is the tireless work that Bill Gookin has contributed over many years. As one of the founders of orienteering in the area, he helped to found the clubs and established high-level orienteering events that now bring the joy of orienteering to so many people. To this day, orienteering clubs have access to some parks only because of the relationships Bill cultivated with the governing authorities.

2017 Golden Service Award Recipients


Ron Birks' dedication, effort and accomplishments in furthering the sport over the past 10 years have been truly exceptional. All of his work is on a volunteer basis. His scope has been all of Arizona (big state, two clubs) plus some regional/national involvement. And he has participated in many national and international events.

2017 Wilson Community Growth Grant Awardees Announced