World Orienteering Day 2018

Bring Orienteering to your part of the world on World Orienteering Day!

Join individuals and clubs around the country AND the world as they design activities during the week of May 23–29, 2018, to introduce the sport of orienteering to school children and adults.

2017 World Orienteering Day in Minnesota

World Orienteering Day

Camryn Franke, MNOC / NJROTC

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017, was World Orienteering Day. In Saint Paul, Minnesota, the Washington Technology Magnet School NJROTC Orienteering Team celebrated by introducing middle school and high school gym classes to the basics of orienteering; the students then ran a mile long beginner-level course on the school grounds, which includes the track, two softball fields, five tennis courts, and 25 acres of woods containing a steep hill and lots of trees.

World Orienteering Day Takes Off in the USA

World Orienteering Day is this Wednesday, May 24! Over 1600 events have been pre-registered around the world, with at least 27 happening in the United States.

2013 JWOC Tour in the Czech Republic

The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) will be held in the Czech Republic in July 2013.  This year there will be a wonderful accompanying series of races that anyone is welcome to attend:  The JWOC Tour. 

2011 Northeast Junior O Training

Calling all juniors! The annual Northeast Junior Training Camp weekend will take place at Blue Mountain reservation the weekend of April 8-10 in Peekskill, NY. Detailed information can be found on the Junior Events page.