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Table of Contents

January/February 2012

* Orienteering USA awards for 2011
* Fitness for orienteering: Post-exercise recovery
* Maps are the lifeblood of orienteering
* US Champs middle distance route analysis
* Safety bearing - Winter nutrition: fueling for cold weather exercise
* Coaches' corner - Critical decision points / Choosing the right orienteering course
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Francois Leonard of BAOC at the 2011 Tahoe 3-day O event

November/December 2011

* Ups and downs at 24-Hour Sage Stomp North American Rogaining Champs 2011
* Recipe for hard core glide
* Fitness for orienteering. Tapering: A best practice review
* Lucky Seven Regaine: Motala on steroids
* Safety bearing - Why is weight loss so hard?
* Coaches' Corner - Using rough and precision compass
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Orienteering Kansas' first leg runner, Daniel Meenehan, hands off to Peggy Dickison at the US Relay Champs. OK finished 2nd in the 8 point category.

September/October 2011

* Keystone Capers Day 1 Blue course review
* Staying Strong: Sharon Crawford medals (twice) at 2011 World Masters
* Course vetting for an A-meet
* Advanced map layout with Condes
* Fitness for orienteering
Part 7 - Warm-ups: A best practice review
* Safety bearing - 2011 sports nutrition news from the American College of Sports Medicine
* Coaches' corner - Contour reading
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Nate Lyons at the Middle finish (1st in M-20) at BFLO's Canal Cities Challenge.

July/August 2011

* World Orienteering Championships Teams
* How the first Canada Cup went down
* Should we run with a forward lean of the upper body?
* Creating an orienteering map from high-resolution orthophotos and LiDAR base data
* Safety bearing - Exercise, injury and creatine
* Coaches' corner - Know your IOF control descriptions
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Greg Balter, DVOA, racing at a local meet in Colliers Mills, NJ in March.

May/June 2011

* Fitness for orienteering Part 6
* Course planning and map printing with Condes, Part II
* 2011 Sierra Avalanche Ski O Champs
* Alison Crocker brings home top-10 finish
* World Ski Orienteering Championships review
* Safety bearing - Dreaded diarrhea: A stinky topic
* Coaches' corner - Recovery and relocation
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: The mixed relay team of Alison Crocker and Greg Walker finished 12th at the 2011 World Ski O Champs.

March/April 2011

* 2010 Orienteering USA awards
* Fitness for orienteering Part 5 - Strength Training
* OUSA final 2010 Rankings
* Course planning with Condes
* Athlete profile - Andrea Baláková
* Safety bearing - Fueling for Training: What to Eat Before, During & After Exercise
* Coaches' Corner - Many Lessons Learned at Boy Scout Orienteering Event. Distance Estimation by Measure and Pace
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Congrats to the winners of the 2010 Orienteering USA Awards: Ali Crocker, Sam Saeger, and Hannah Burgess.

January/February 2011

Click for larger image
* World Trail O Champs 2010
* Fitness for orienteering Part 4 -- endurance training
* The basics of getting faster
* U.S. Corn Maze Orienteering Champs
* ARDF Championships 2010
* Athlete profile - Ross Smith
* Safety bearing - Undesired sideliners: side stitches and runner's trots
* Coaches' corner - Navigation certification (R. Turbyfill); Break a long leg into segments (R. Shannonhouse)
* Orienteering USA news
On the cover: Mike Smith (Canada) at the 2010 North American Orienteering Championships

November/December 2010

Click for larger image
* WOC 2010
* Fitness for orienteering Part 3 -- training cycles
* One-leg running and other tales of fitness
* When and how to use a compass
* World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) 2010
* Athlete profile - Alison Crocker
* Safety bearing - Figuring out your sports diet: tips for label readers
* Orienteering USA news
* Coaches' corner - Control enlargement (R. Shannonhouse); Training activities to improve your skills (J. Huberman)
On the cover: Matt Scott (USA) at World Orienteering Championships, August 2010

October 2010

Click for larger image
* Life is all about route choices
* Fitness for orienteering Part 2 -- putting the programme together
* Peaking for your best performance
* North American Rogaine Champs: when is it time to blow the whistle?
* Route choice - Canadian Orienteering Champs long course
* Athlete profile - Damian Konotopetz
* Route choice - US Night Orienteering Champs green course
* Safety bearing - Dieting gone awry: when food is foe
* Orienteering USA news
* Coaches' corner - Robin Shannonhouse and Carl Childs
On the cover: Ali Crocker (USA) at North Americans

August/September 2010

ONA August/September cover - click for larger image
* Mike Minium 2010 Silva Award winner
* Fitness for orienteering Part 1 -- understanding the physiological demands of the sport
* Senior and junior ski-O teams announced
* Points about lactate threshold: the role of training volume and rest
* California dreaming on such a winter's day
* Route choice - Women's elite long course at North American O Champs
* Athlete profile - Matthew Scott
* Coaches' corner - Robin Shannonhouse
* Orienteering USA News
* Safety bearing - Chocolate: is it a health food?
On the cover: Carol Ross (Canada) at North Americans

July 2010

ONA cover July 2010 - Click for larger image
* Amateur radio direction finding
* Team USA heads to WOC in Trondheim, Norway
* Is "6" the right number? Are some sports drinks more irritating than others?
* Slowing down? It's all relative for senior athletes
*The road to Morocco
* Athlete profile - Alexandra Jospe
* Coaches' corner - If I only had a brain - Robin Shannonhouse
* Safety bearing - Protein, carbs, and endurance performance: finding the right balance
* Orienteering USA News
On the cover: Patrick Goeres (Canada) at U.S. Team Trials, Harriman State Park

June 2010

ONA cover June 2010 - Click for larger image
* "Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it" - West Point A-meet middle distance
* Does post-workout protein really speed recovery?
* Orienteering skills and search&rescue: a perfect match
* Junior camp combines training and bonding
* Achieving excellence: take the time to make a plan
* Safety bearing - Electrolytes: what are they?
* Athlete profile - Carol Ross
* Coaches' corner - One key to consistency: concentration - Don Davis
* USOF News
On the cover: George Walker at West Point sprint

May 2010

ONA cover May 2010 - Click for larger image
* "Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it" - US Ski-Orienteering Championships
* MoboGoGlobo! raises money for WIOL
* What happens to your lactic acid after your lactate-stacker session is over?
* Avalanche Ski-Orienteering Championships
* Ski-Orienteering in the mountains of Sweden
* Safety bearing - Figuring out your sports diet: Tips for label readers
* Athlete profile - Nikolay Nachev
* Coaches' corner - Getting youngsters involved in Ski-O - Eric Hamilton
* USOF News
On the cover: Will Frielinghaus (108) and Alexander Bergstrom (124) at US Ski-orienteering Champs

March/April 2010

ONA cover March/April 2010 - Click for larger image
* "Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it" - Saguaro U training event
* US Sprint Champs at Camp Sekani and USOF Convention and Champs
* Physical activity and heart disease I.Q.
* Forbidden features: What are they and what makes them so
* Coaches' corner - The JROTC Experience - Victoria Albright and Matt Pheiffer
* Safety bearing - Reforming your healthcare policy: Food for thought
* Athlete profile - Angela Marie Forseille
* USOF News and USOF Rankings
On the cover: Martin Donnelly-Heg at Lapland Lake ski orienteering event, New York

January/February 2010

ONA cover January/February 2010 - Click for larger image
* "Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it" - Ross Smith
* Height of heel matters in prevention of foot pain
* Artful orienteering
* Coaches' corner - Orienteering is a process of the mind - Carl Childs and Tom Hollowell
* Athlete profile - Samantha Saeger
* Safety bearing - Sedentary athletes: Sitting and weighting
* USOF News and Survey
* Begin at the beginning: Compass and pacing
On the cover: Runner on a U.S. Classic Championships course in Wisconsin

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