Champions at North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC)

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In even-numbered years, the U.S. and Canada alternately host the North American Orienteering Championships.

The Championships return to the U.S. in 2016, with the events held in Hanover, New Hampshire (at and around Dartmouth College). In 2014, they took place in Ontario, Canada, hosted by Ottawa Orienteering Club.

Most results below are from U.S.-based championships, as I don't have Canadian results before the 2014 event.

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2016 — Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

2014 — Carp/Arnprior, Ontario, Canada (OOC/CAN) / Björn Kjellström / Future Champions results (PDF)

Age group Middle DistanceLong DistanceSprint Distance
Female-OpenSandra Lauenstein/ANCOSamantha Saeger/NEOCSamantha Saeger/NEOC
Male-OpenBrian May/SAGE Robbie Anderson/OOCDamian Konotopetz/CDB
F<12Kirsten Mayland/DVOAKirsten Mayland/DVOAKirsten Mayland/DVOA
M<12Evan Raz/OOCIsak Fransson/DGLIsak Fransson/DGL
F<14Hannah Collinsworth/ROCHannah Collinsworth/ROCEstelle Elias/Ramblers
M<14Anthony Riley/DVOAAnthony Riley/DVOAAidan Minto/ICO
F<16Rachel May/SAGERachel May/SAGERachel May/SAGE
M<16Tyson Martino/FWOCMichal Kopanicak Jr/DGLChristian Michelsen/DGL
F<20Isabel Bryant/CSUIsabel Bryant/CSUEmma Waddington/DGL
M<20Matej Sebo/BAOCEthan Childs/GMOCAdam Woods/GVOC
F35+Julia Cioban/STARSPia Webb/CSUVictoria Campbell/QOC
M35+Brent Langbakk/YOABrent Langbakk/YOAPatrick Saile/DGL
F45+Pavlina Brautigam/WCOCPavlina Brautigam/WCOCPavlina Brautigam/WCOC
M45+Sergiy Gnatiouk/DVOAMike Waddington/DGLSergey Velichko/CTOC
F55+Natalia Deconescu/CAOCNatalia Deconescu/CAOCJane Rowlands/FWOC
M55+Ted de St. Croix/GVOCTed de St. Croix/GVOCTed de St. Croix/GVOC
F65+Sharon Crawford/RMOCSharon Crawford/RMOCMarg Ellis/GVOC
M65+Peter Gagarin/CSUJeffrey Saeger/NEOCt. Peter Gagarin/CSU
t. Jeffrey Saeger/NEOC
F75+Shirley Donald/KOCShirley Donald/KOCMargaret James/HHOC
M75+Hugh MacMullan/DVOAPeter Dobos/STARSAlex Kerr/GVOC
F80+Gloria Charlow/RamblersNesta Leduc/YOANesta Leduc/YOA
M80+Michael MacConaill/OOCMichael MacConaill/OOCMichael MacConaill/OOC
M85+Don Scott/EOOCJohn Charlow/RamblersJohn Charlow/Ramblers

2012 — Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania (DVOA/US) / National Teams Relay Results (PDF)

Age group Middle DistanceLong DistanceSprint Distance
Female-OpenAlison Crocker/CSUAlison Crocker/CSUSamantha Saeger/NEOC
Male-OpenEric Bone/COC Ross Smith/CSURoss Smith/CSU
F<10Bridget Hall/NEOCBridget Hall/NEOCOriana Riley/DVOA
M<10Isak Fransson/GHOIsak Fransson/GHOAidan Minto/ICO
F<12Hannah Collinsworth/ROCKrista Williamson/OOCDiana Aleksieva/CVOC
M<12David Svoboda/FWOCAnthony Riley/DVOAAnthony Riley/DVOA
F<14Jessica Muench/QOCMargaret Bowerman/DVOAMargaret Bowerman/DVOA
M<14Philipe Turcanu/OOCPhilipe Turcanu/OOCJohn Underwood/NEOC
F<16Melanie Sergiev/GMOCEvalin Brautigam/WCOCMelanie Sergiev/GMOC
M<16Eric Williamson/OOCDaniel O'Leary/NEOCDaniel O'Leary/NEOC
F<18Emma Waddington/GHOAddie Nolan/QOCEmma Waddington/GHO
M<18Michael Svoboda/FWOCWill Hubsch/LAOCWill Hubsch/LAOC
F<20Kendra Murray/YOAKendra Murray/YOAKerstin Burnett/YOA
M<20Ethan Childs/GMOCAndrew Childs/GMOCCarl Underwood/NEOC
F35+Svetlana Frolenko/DVOAKaren W. Middleton/CSUDaria Babushok/DVOA
M35+Florin Tencariu/DVOAVidelin Aleksiev/CVOCNevin French/EOOC
F40+Corinne Mayland/DVOAPia K. Webb/CSUPia K. Webb/CSU
M40+Andy Hall/NEOCAndy Hall/NEOCHans Fransson/GHO
F45+Kristin Hall/NEOCKristin Hall/NEOCKristin Hall/NEOC
M45+Gregory Balter/WCOCMike Waddington/GHOSergey Velichko/CTOC
F50+Peggy Dickison/QOCPavlina Brautigam/WCOCPavlina Brautigam/WCOC
M50+Joe Brautigam/WCOCSergey Velichko/CTOCJoe Brautigam/WCOC
F55+Natalia Deconescu/CAOCNatalia Deconescu/CAOCNatalia Deconescu/CAOC
M55+Carl Childs/GMOCStefan Bergstrom/OOCDavid Ross/ONB
F60+Christin Lundgren/FWOCChristin Lundgren/FWOCMary Jo Childs/GMOC
M60+Ron Bortz/DVOAJeffrey Saeger/NEOCJeffrey Saeger/NEOC
F65+Sharon Crawford/RMOCSharon Crawford/RMOCSharon Crawford/RMOC
M65+Peter Gagarin/CSUPeter Gagarin/CSUPeter Gagarin/CSU
F70+Judy Dickinson/HVOLynette Walker/WCOCJudy Dickinson/HVO
M70+Tony Federer/UNOTony Federer/UNOAlan Vyse/SAGE
F75+Gillian Bailey/VICOMarit Davis/QOCGillian Bailey/VICO
M75+Alex Kerr/GVOCLeigh Bailey/VICOAlex Kerr/GVOC
F80+Gloria Charlow/RamblersRuth Johnson/NEOCGloria Charlow/Ramblers
M80+John Charlow/RamblersJohn Charlow/RamblersJohn Charlow/Ramblers

2010 — British Columbia (KOC) ( > Elite results)

2008 Central New York (CNYO/US)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenKatarina Smith  xFalcons
Male-OpenBrian May  xSage
F<10Emma Waddington xGHO
M<10Ian Kemp xOOC
F<14Meg Parsonx NEOC
M<14Anthony Legerx QOC
F<16Molly Kemp xOOC
M<16Andrey Koptelov xGHO
F<18Polina Koptelova xGHO
M<18John Klabenx USMAOC
F<20Tori Borishx COC
M<20Graham Ereaux xFalcons
F35+Val Duca xStars
M35+Andy Hallx NEOC
F40+Kristin Hallx NEOC
M40+Ted Goodx QOC
F45+Kris Beecroftx QOC
M45+Gregory Balterx DVOA
F50+Olga Rachitskayax NEOOC
M50+John Campbellx DVOA
F55+Mary Jo Childsx GMOC
M55+Glen Trysonx EMPO
F60+Sharon Crawfordx RMOC
M60+Peter Gagarinx CSU
F65+Allmuth Perzelx COK
M65+Don Davisx QOC
F70+Marit Davisx QOC
M70+Alex Kerr xGVOC
M75+Edwin Gookinx SDO

2006 — Ontario (GHO/Canada)

2004 — Northeast Ohio (NEOOC/US)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenSandy Hott-Johansen  xFalcons
Male-OpenNick Duca  xGators
F<10Katie Williamsx OCIN
M<10Parker Vaughanx OCIN
F<12Lyndsey Innes xGators
M<12Lars Hjerrildx GPHXO
F<14Sara Haverkampx NEOC
F<16Justine Scheck xYOK
M<16Andy Stratx QOC
F<18Carol Ross xFalcons
M<18Greg Kerzhnerx NEOOC
M<20Mike Kerzhnerx NEOOC
F35+Annette Van Tyghem xGators
M35+Eugene Mlynczyk xUkrainian
F40+Peggy Dickisonx QOC
M40+Gregory Balterx HVO
F45+Nancy Koehlerx UNO
M45+Ted de St. Croix xGVOC
F50+Sandy Fillebrownx DVOA
M50+Rob Wilkisonx DVOA
F55+Gail Gagarinx CSU
M55+Ken Walker, Sr.x CSU
F60+Pat Lee xCdeBois
M60+Peter Gagarinx CSU
F65+Marit Davisx QOC
M65+George Hawesx HVO
F70+Ruth Johnsonx OME
M70+Olaf Taburx UNO

2002 — part of the Asia/Pacific Orienteering Championships (APOC) , Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2000 — Hudson Valley (HVO/US)


1984 — Ramapo State Forest, NJ (HVO/US) (source: Orienteering USA, November 1984)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenDenise Demonte  xHKF
Male-OpenEric Weyman x HVO
M<12Mark Siezenx NEOC
F<12Becky Callahanx NEOC
M<13Lans Taylorx NEOC
F<13Nina Waddington xHKF
M<16Hans Opsahlx HVO
F<16Sue Edwardsx DVOA
M<18Eric Vikstromx HVO
F<18Kristin Federerx NEOC
M<20Mike Waddington xHKF
F35+Linda Taylorx NEOC
F43+Allmuth Perzelx NEOC
F50+Pat de St. Croix xNIAG
M35+Peter Gagarinx NEOC
M43+Nels Holmberg*x SLOC
M50+Larry Bermanx CSU
M56+Andy Gagarin**x NEOC

*or Bob Eccles (HVO)?
**or Sturre Karlsson (NEOC)?

1982 — Seton Park North, Manitoba (COF/CAN)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenSharon Crawfordx NEOC

1980 — Brecksville Reservation, OH (NEOOC/US) (source: Orienteering USA, December 1980)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenMegan Piercy xOOC
Male-OpenTed de St Croix xNOC
M<14Mike Waddington xHKF
F<14Alison Sokol*x 415AScouts
M<18John Mathismoenx ROC
F<18Paula Pekkinenx NEOC
M<20Tom Hollowell Jrx NEOC
F35+Linda Taylorx NEOC
F43+Kay Collinsx Ramapo
M35+Peter Gagarinx NEOC
M43+Hans Bengtssonx NEOC
M50+Dick de St Croix xNOC

*or Sandra Evans (OOC)?

1977 — Brownsburg Village, Quebec (MOC/CAN)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenMegan Piercy xOOC
Male-OpenTed de St Croix xNOC

1975 — Bear Brook State Park, New Hampshire (NEOC/US)

1973 — Camp Fortune, Gatineau Park, Quebec (OOC/CAN)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Male-OpenBob Turbyfillx QOC

1972 — Little Grassy Lake, Illinois (SIOC/US)

Age group NameUSCANClub

1971 — Mawavi, Prince William Forest Park, Virginia (QOC/US)

Age group NameUSCANClub
Female-OpenLaila Stark, NY/Swe*   
Male-OpenLarry Longx QOC

* Awarded medal, though not eligible by current rules.

NOTE: Champion lists need to be compiled for years before 1980, and between 1988 and 2000. If you can help, please contact the Webmaster with your information (original results list [xml or html], magazine, or PDF). Some information may be available in past issues of ONA or its predecessor, Orienteering USA. If someone has a source for results from NAOCs in Canada, I'd be happy to post them here too.