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The following calendar details the Orienteering USA-sanctioned orienteering events for the upcoming seasons. Further information can be obtained by contacting the listed Registrar, or by accessing the event website.
Corrections to the Calendar should be sent to the Orienteering USA web content manager.

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3 - 5
NTOA National Meet
(Two-day Classic)
U.S. Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships
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NTOAMary Lynn Genovesi

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Cooper Lake State Park, Sulphur Springs, Texas (approx. 90-100 miles ENE of Dallas)

2017 U.S. Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships
18 - 19
LAOC National Meet
Foot-O Relay and Middle + Trail-O
U.S. Relay and Trail-O (TempO and PreO) Championships
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LAOCAllan PincusCamp Scherman, Mountain Center, California (~100 mi ESE of Los Angeles)
Sat—AM: Trail-O PreO, PM: Relay
Sun—Trail-O TempO and Middle Distance
23 - 26
O in the Oaks
PreO, Extended Middle
and U.S. Ultralong Championships
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BAOCGary Kraght

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Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland (PreO)
Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline (extended middle) and and Briones Regional Park (Ultralong), near Oakland, California
7 - 9
Flying Pig XXI
Middle/Night + Long + Sprints
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OCINGuy OlsenFri—Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis (middle/night*)
Sat—Yellowwood State Forest, Nashville (long)
Sun—Columbus (sprint), all in Indiana
                       * Bid for 2017 Night O Championships
23 -
38th Annual West Point National Meet
Two-day Classic
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USMAOCCDT John McCormickSat—Lake Popolopen, West Point Military Reservation, New York
Sun—Jackie Jones Mountain, Harriman State Park, New York
28 - 30
US Orienteering Team Trials
(currently not yet sanctioned)
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MNOC will have courses for all levels, though only the Team Trials courses will be ranked (once sanctioned)
23 - 25
2017 Gold Rush
U.S. Individual Orienteering Championships
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Boise (sprint) and Stanley, Idaho

2017 U.S. Individual (Sprint / Long / Middle) Championships

Annual General Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 16


16 - 17
Letchworth Classic National Meet
Two-day Classic
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ROC Letchworth State Park, New York
14 -
UNO Boulder Dash
Two-day Classic
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UNOFaye DoriaBurnt Mountain (site of 2016 NAOC Long Distance races), Hanover/Lebanon, New Hampshire
11 - 12
QOC Quinquagenary @ Quantico National Meet
U.S. Two-day Classic Championships
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QOC Quantico Marine Corps Base, Triangle, Virginia

2017 U.S. Two-day Classic Championships

National (formerly "A") events are distinguished from all others in that participants can earn national ranking points. Any and all comments and suggestions would be appreciated.  Send via e-mail to the Orienteering USA web content manager.


Course and Class Structure

COURSES: Standard courses are color coded for easy reference, as listed below.
CLASSES: F = female, M = male. The number denotes age on Dec 31 of the year of the event. A dash ("-") indicates no age limit on that side. Example: M-12 is open to boys 12 and under, F35+ is open to women 35 and older. "Open course" classes and "21" classes have no age limit.
CLASS/COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: This table shows which classes are assigned to each course at sanctioned events; see rule A.11.2.8. Upper limits on the advanced courses do not preclude older orienteers running a longer course. (For example: an experienced 65-year-old, normally assigned to the Brown course, may run any of the longer courses of Green/Red/Blue and compete with the younger runners.) Alternatively, a younger competitor who's not ready for the longer distance assigned to his/her age group may enter any of the Open classes, those not designated with an age range.
Experience LevelBeginnerAdvanced
IntermediateAdvanced, course length increases >>
Length (km) ***2 - 33 - 54.5 - 73 - 4.54.5 - 76 - 108 - 14
Age ClassesM / F -10M / F -14M / F -16F -18F -20F -21+M -21+
 M / F -12M / F Yellow (Open)M / F Orange (Open)F 55+*F 35-54*M -20 
 White (Open)**Group-Yellow**Group-Orange**M 65+*M / F-GreenM 35-49* 
 Group-White**  M / F BrownM -18M-Red 
     M 50-64*  
* 5-year age groups   ** Gender neutral
*** Length for a typical "classic" or "long" course. Other courses will vary. See Rules (A.17 through A.23) for an explanation of the different race formats.

Caution: Select a course based on your experience level before choosing one for your age. Age classes are designed for orienteers experienced at that level.