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Junior Training Opportunities

Many junior training opportunities exist around the United States.

  • Please refer to the monthly Junior e-Newsletter for details on upcoming events, races, and training sessions.
  • Refer to the Sanctioned Events page for details of and/or registration for the A-meets mentioned.

As of March 12, 2015, there are a number of camps that will be good for juniors to attend in 2015. Each Junior National Team (JNT) athlete is required to attend at least two training camps, and most camps are open to other juniors as well. There are two kinds of camps for JNT members, primary and secondary camps. The primary camps are the National Training camps and supplementary Canadian camps on the list. All the other camps are secondary. JNT members should attend two primary camps, or one primary and one secondary. The list of secondary camps may continue to grow. Feel free to email me about any camps in your area that we might add to the list. Note that three training camps have already taken place: California Jan 2-5 (Primary), Vancouver Feb 13-15 (Primary), and Virgina Feb (Secondary).

  • Blue Mountain Training Camp: Beacon NY — dates TBA. Contract Erin for more info Secondary
  • Ontario Training Camp: Hamilton ON  — April 9-12. For more information, ask Erin Primary
  • National Training Camp 2: Colorado Spring CO — April 10-13, Primary
  • Kootenay Training Camp: Cranbrook BC — May 2-3, contact Erin for more info Primary
  • Golden Goat Camp: Atlanta Georgia — dates TBA; put on by GAOC Secondary
  • TJOC training Camp: Texas location — dates TBA (June) Secondary
  • National Training Camp 3: Boston MA — June 11-14 Contact Erin for information Primary
  • Europe Training Camp: Sweden/Switzerland (Location TBD) — July 13-16 this will be in conjunction with racing O Ringen July 17-22. More details to come. Primary
  • National Training Camp 4: Harriman State Park in NY — dates TBA; more details to come. Primary

Contact junior_admin [at] orienteeringusa.org  or Erin Schirm for more information.