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Team USA Standings at World Trail Orienteering Championships

2012 World Trail Orienteering Championships

2011 World Trail Orienteering Championships - Overall Results (pdf)

August 16 - Competition 1,  - Results (pdf)

  • Paralympic Category: 1st - Dmitry Kuchernko (Russia), 21 points, 20 seconds (on timed controls); 34th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 10 points, 92 seconds; 39th - Cathy Yekenevicz (USA), 0 points, 120 seconds (39 competitors)
  • Open Category: 1st - Kreso Kerestes (Slovenia), 22 points, 18 seconds; 36th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 19 points, 84.5 seconds; Tie-55th - Sharon Crawford (USA), 16 points, 129 seconds; 57th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 14 points, 85 seconds (64 competitors)

August 17 - Competition 2,  - Paralympic Results / Open Results (pdf)

  • Paralympic Category: 1st - Soren Saxtorph (Denmark), 21 points, 26 seconds; 36th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 8 points, 173 seconds; 39th - Cathy Yekenevicz (USA), 0 points, 120 seconds (39 competitors)
  • Open Category: 1st - Lauri Kontkanen (Finland), 22 points, 27 seconds); 15th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 20 points, 84 seconds; 45th - Sharon Crawford (USA), 17 points, 120 seconds; 57th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 14 points, 162 seconds (64 competitors)

The U.S. Team finished 14th out of 16 teams in the Team Competition.

August 18 - TempO Competition - Results (pdf)

1st - Martin Jullum (Norway), 317 seconds; 65th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 1054 seconds; 66th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 1066 seconds; 95th - Richard H. Ebright (USA), 1358 seconds; 111th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 1999 seconds (111 competitors)

Here’s a little of what Karl Ahlswede wrote, about the two days of competition:

"Day 1 WTOC, I had a huge mistake in that I thought I had 120 minutes when I only had 111. The bulletin info had said 120 but we were told the night before that we had 111. I am not sure why I ignored that info. So that gave me a 2 point penalty in addition to the 6 I missed all on my own. So while I am not last I am pretty close.

"I have a great deal of respect for the top competitors though. First through ninth were perfect and I think that missing one goes down to 20th place or so. Richard only missed 2 but was just a little overtime so he finished with 19 so great job there. Plus he nailed the timed controls which were tough. Sharon finished with 16. Congratulations to her.

"Day 2 of WTOC 2011. Well I redeemed myself for yesterday's fiasco with a 20 out of 22. By my hand count I was 14th for today (so I met my goal of a top 15 finish) but 42nd for the overall competition (which was well below where I wanted to place). Today there were only 2 perfect scores and my very brief claim to fame is coming in ahead of 3 of the 4 Swedes for today’s event."

Congratulations to Karl at his first WTOC!

2010 World Trail Orienteering Championships

WTOC 2010 logoAugust 12 – This morning was the second day of the Trail O' Champs, and it was a good day for this year's star, Joe Brautigam, though I know he had his hopes set higher. Joe was 5th after the first day, getting 21 of 22 controls correct. Today was a harder course (as I gather is common for the second day), and he got 19 of 22 correct, ended up overall in 11th place (one more correct would have put him in 6th, 2 more in 4th). Also in the Open class, Michael Poulsen finished 43rd and Sharon Crawford 46th. As a team, they finished 12th of 14 teams. In the Paralympic class, David Irving was 24th and Glen Cafferty was 36th.

August 10 – Today is Day 1 of the World Trail-O Championships. Competing for the USA are Sharon Crawford, Joe Brautigam, and Michael Poulsen in the open class, and Glen Cafferty and David Irving in the paralympic class. Results: After the first day Joe Brautigam is 5th, Michael Poulsen 31st, and Sharon Crawford 42nd in the Open class; David Irving is 23rd and Glen Cafferty 40th in the Paralympic class.

Comments by Peter Gagarin

For detailed results, maps and solutions, see the WTOC 2010 website.