Navigation Certification Coaches

Orienteering USA Certified Coaches for Navigation Certification Requests

The following coaches have agreed to participate in the Navigation Certification program to develop orienteering excellence especially among Junior athletes. Orienteering coaches who wish to apply for certificates for their athletes should contact one of these coaches to determine where to send Navigation Certification application materials for validation.

Coach Name Club address domain extension

Bengtsson, Hans
17 Spring St., Camden ME 04843

Boes, David ICO dboes ipas
Breseman, Eileen and Rick COC breseman msn com
Bundschuh, Lex and Pete UNO unofam aol com
Childs, Mary Jo GMOC dodiemjc aol com
Dickison, Peggy OK pdickison comcast net
Ferguson, Charles QOC USOFRNR cox net
Gardner, Clai At Large clai1cior aol com
Gookin, Bill SDO billgookin aol com
Hamilton, Eric EMPO ejh.bkh juno com
Pearson, Paul NEOC prpearson aol com
Perzel, Allmuth NEOC boomerp psouth net
Pleban, Scott
(716) 674-0458
Putnam, Bob FLO bob.putnam siemens com
Riley, Wyatt DVOA rileywyatt yahoo com
Scott, Edmund DVOA scottdvoa isp com
Shannonhouse, Robin GAOC rshannonhouse comcast net
Shannonhouse, Steven GAOC sshannonhouse comcast net
Worner, Rick ROC wornerkohn aol com

Please copy the information from the table following that coach's name into your e-mail window using this format: address @ domain . extension