QCARS 2019 season pass, June - August, 2019

Retrieve Contact Information

Orienteering USA Members

You can authorize EventRegister to retrieve your contact information from the Orienteering USA membership database. This is an optional step, but will save you time when completing your registration.

Please enter your Orienteering USA username and password in the fields below. EventRegister will contact the Orienteering USA membership database, retrieve your contact details and automatically populate your contact information on the next registration page.

Orienteering USA Username:

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Please visit the Orienteering USA Membership Page if you have forgotten your Orienteering USA membership username or password.

Click the "Enter Data Manually" button if you prefer to enter your participant information manually.

Non-Orienteering USA Members

Click the "Non-Orienteering USA Member" button to begin your registration.

Using the retrieve contact information will not log you into the Orienteering USA database. Regardless of how you supply your registration information that information will be saved in the EventRegister database. Your registration information will be made available to event officials. EventRegister will not save your Orienteering USA username or password, although your browser may offer to do so.