2017 NAV-X Challenge #6 - Diablo Foothills - 2 or 4 hour adventure! Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club4HR Member Crs4HR Member Start4HR Non-Mem Crs4HR Non-Mem Start2HR Member Crs2HR Member Start2HR Non-Mem Crs2HR Non-Mem Start
Joe AuricchioEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Michelle AuricchioEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Stan BarrettEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Marcy BeardEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Craig BensonEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Melissa BoydEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Alexander BrennenEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)
Gary CarpenterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Jan CisarBalance DueOtherNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Ryan ClarkEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)
Michelle ConditEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Mike ConoverEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Bob CooleyEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Sheila CotterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Steven DukeEntry ConfirmedGCONCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Kipley FiebigEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Jonathan FrankEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)
Jeffrey GoodwinEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Steve HaasEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Mary HardyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Caspar HarmerEntry ConfirmedOtherNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Stephen HarrisonEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Jitka HiscoxEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Michael HollidayEntry ConfirmedCROCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Love Hornquist AstrandEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Mats JanssonEntry ConfirmedNAVXMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Jessica JohnsonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Molly JonesEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)
Jonas JonssonEntry ConfirmedOtherOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Jeffrey KabelEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Roman KamykEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)
Tapio KarrasEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Jennifer KerrEntry ConfirmedGCONCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Fyodor KonkovEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Olga KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Ginny LaFormeEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Andrew LathamEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Arthur LawEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Ava LawEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Francois LeonardEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Agnieszka LewandowskaEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)
Nancy LindemanEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Female (50+)NCNCNC
Mary Kate MaltzanEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Marie MartinEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Stephanie MartinEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Linda MorrisEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCMasters Female (50+)
Keaton MoweryEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Jonathan OwensEntry ConfirmedTruckeeOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Andrew PetersonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Siargey PisarchykEntry ConfirmedOtherNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)
Kyle PolandEntry ConfirmedGCOOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Luc PoppeEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
David ReeseEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Robin ReeseEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Eric RobinsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Eric RosenzweigEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Ivan RylachEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)
Scott SampsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Johanna SchleretEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Daniel SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCJunior Male or Mixed (19 & under)NC
Lubomir SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Adam SmithlineEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Scott SmithlineEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Wayne StaatsEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Charles TriponezEntry ConfirmedOtherNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Kristen Van VlietEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Theo VerhoevenEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Ben WilliamsonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Huon WilsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Reka ZempleniEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC

Event Totals
Total Registered 72
Total Confirmed 71
4HR Member 24
4HR Non-Mem 14
2HR Member 19
2HR Non-Mem 15
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.