2017 NAV-X Challenge #3 - Dinkey Creek - 4 or 8 Hour Map Adventure Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club8HR Crs8HR Start4HR Crs4HR Start
Camille AkiaEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Kaih AlonzoEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Erik AndersonEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Jim AndersonEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Gary CarpenterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Elisa ChastaineEntry ConfirmedGCONCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Michael ChastaineEntry ConfirmedGCONCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Claire CollinsEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Samuel CoradettiEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Bruce CorningEntry ConfirmedLAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Bo DuBoisEntry ConfirmedSDONCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Colin DuBoisEntry ConfirmedSDONCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Jen DuBoisEntry ConfirmedSDONCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Michael DuBoisEntry ConfirmedSDONCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Steven DukeEntry ConfirmedGCONCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Greg EhrensingEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Kipley FiebigEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Joshua FisherEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Jose Maria Garcia LoboEntry ConfirmedOtherOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Bryan GastonEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Holly GastonEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Kathy GioriEntry ConfirmedNoneMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Nick GioriEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Adam GolerEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Courtney GolerEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Jeff GoodwinEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Divena GriffithEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Kevin HinkleyEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Pete HoltrichterEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Edward HuanteEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Lori HubermanEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Terri HuntEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Daniel IngramEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Leanne IngramEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Rusty ItoEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Jeffrey KabelEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Marina KeatingEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
William KinserEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Tim KuensterEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Bud LairdEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Jeff LanamEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Jonas LibellEntry ConfirmedGCONCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Jeffrey LinderEntry ConfirmedLAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Kiarra LortaEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Jamie MaddaloniEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Joe MaffeiEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Roy MaloneEntry ConfirmedGCOMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Michael MoffettEntry ConfirmedNoneMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Afsheen MostofiEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Joel OlsonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Mark PetersenEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Sarah PetersenEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Kyle PolandEntry ConfirmedGCONCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Sean PontEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Tom ProulxEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Danielle RaynalEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Eric RobinsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Natalie SatterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Natalie SerleEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Tanvir SinghEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Laurent StadlerEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Mark StantonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Takashi SugiyamaEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Ilia SvyrydovEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Kim van BerkelEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Theo VerhoevenEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Aron WalkerEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Dennis WilkinsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Skelly WingardEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Rex WinterbottomEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Vicki WoolworthEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Female (50+)NC
Franklin YangEntry ConfirmedOtherNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Molly ZookEntry ConfirmedNoneOpen Female (20-49)NC

Event Totals
Total Registered 75
Total Confirmed 75
8HR 36
4HR 39
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.