2018 NAV-X Challenge #5 - Pacheco - 3 or 6 hour Map Adventure Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club3 HR Member Crs3 HR Member Start3 HR Non-Mem Crs3 HR Non-Mem Start6 HR Member Crs6 HR Member Start6 HR Non-Mem Crs6 HR Non-Mem Start
Marcy BeardEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Dominique BergmannEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
Marcel BergmannEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
John BocharovEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Gary CarpenterEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Michelle ConditEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Sheila CotterEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Female (50+)NCNCNC
Tom De VreEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Steven DukeEntry ConfirmedGCO3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Amalie ErtmannEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Michael ErtmannEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Kipley FiebigEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Eva GuilmoEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Steve HaasEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Clement JolyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)
Iwona KamykEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
Roman KamykEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
Matt KempEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNC
Greg KhanlarovEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Open Male (20-49)NCNCNC
Madison KissEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC3 hr Junior (13-19)NCNC
Fyodor KonkovEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Gary KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Olga KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Misha KreslavskyEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Agnieszka LewandowskaEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
Bill MacDonaldEntry ConfirmedGCONCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Derek MacleanEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Stephanie MacleanEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Female (50+)NCNCNC
Roy MaloneEntry ConfirmedGCONCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Chris McKinnonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Maxwell McKinnonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Andrew NisbetEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Jonathan OwensEntry ConfirmedTruckee3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Andrew PetersonEntry ConfirmedNAVXNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Kyle PolandEntry ConfirmedGCO3 hr Open Male (20-49)NCNCNC
Ted RaabEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Family - Adults+Children (12&under)NCNC
Brent RomanEntry ConfirmedNoneNC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNC
Raymond RosenbaumEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Eric RosenzweigEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Quincy RosenzweigEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Junior (13-19)NCNCNC
Scott SampsonEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Open Male (20-49)NCNCNC
Johanna SchleretEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Geoffrey SearsEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Daniel SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Junior (13-19)NCNCNC
Lubomir SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Marlene SoilandEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Mark StanleyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Carol StrykerEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Masters Female (50+)
David StrykerEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)
Takashi SugiyamaEntry ConfirmedBAOC3 hr Masters Male (50+)NCNCNC
Edward ThompsonEntry ConfirmedLAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Irina TolstovaEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNC6 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Theo VerhoevenEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
William WhittakerEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Rex WinterbottomBalance DueBAOC3 hr Open Male (20-49)NCNCNC
Gavin Wyatt-MairEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Reka ZempleniEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNC6 hr Open Female (20-49)NC

Event Totals
Total Registered 59
Total Confirmed 58
3 HR Member 20
3 HR Non-Mem 9
6 HR Member 19
6 HR Non-Mem 11
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.