2019 NAV-X Challenge #1 - Wildcat Canyon - 2 or 4 Hour Map Trek Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club2 HR Crs2 HR Start4 HR Crs4 HR Start
Jim AndersonEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Ryan BoothEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
John BoswellEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Ruth BromerEntry ConfirmedBOK2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Gary CarpenterEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Michelle ConditEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Female (20-49)
Patricia CrossEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Family- Adult+Children (12&under)NC
Riley CulbergEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Evan CusterEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Brandon DavisEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Tom De VreEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Penny DeMossEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Female (50+)
Steven DukeEntry ConfirmedGCO2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Aviad FuchsEntry ConfirmedAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Katia GibsonNo WaiverBalance DueNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Jeffrey GoodwinEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Vladimir GusiatnikovEntry ConfirmedOCINNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Kyle HallidayEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Jason HardyEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Mary HardyEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Katie HeaneyEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Luke HiestermanEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Jitka HiscoxEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Female (20-49)
Adele HoEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Michael HofmanEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Michael HollidayEntry ConfirmedCROCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Joseph HubermanEntry ConfirmedBOK2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Lori HubermanEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Jeffrey KabelEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Michael KaravoliasEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Nicholas KaravoliasEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Natalie KimEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Susan KimEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Female (50+)NC
Fyodor KonkovEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Gary KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Olga KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
Tim KuensterEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Lola Kumada-ToddEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Virginia LaFormeEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Laurel LarsenEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Female (20-49)
Ivan LopezEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Clifton LylesEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Katherine MacwayEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Roy MaloneEntry ConfirmedGCONC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Blaine MarchantEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Chris McKinnonEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Masters Mixed (50+)NC
George MinarikEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Leslie MinarikEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Female (50+)NC
Keenan MooreBalance DueNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Andrew NisbetEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
Paddy O'LearyEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Viktor PassinskyEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Trevor PeringEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Oliver PohlEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Kyle PolandEntry ConfirmedGCONC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Luc PoppeEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Eric RobinsonEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Scott SampsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Johanna SchleretEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Female (20-49)
Chris SchroederEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Geoffrey SearsEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Daniel SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Junior (13-19)NC
Lubomir SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Marlene SoilandEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Luke SpicerEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Mark StanleyEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Masters Mixed (50+)
Amanda StraigisEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
John StraigisEntry ConfirmedNoneNC4 hr Open Mixed (20-49)
William SugijotoEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Takashi SugiyamaEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Masters Male (50+)NC
Jaclyn Tingco GrahamEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Female (20-49)NC
Marc TriquellEntry ConfirmedLAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Deron van HoffEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Kristen Van VlietEntry ConfirmedNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Theo VerhoevenEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)
Aveneel WaadhwaEntry ConfirmedOther2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
Paula WalkerBalance DueNone2 hr Open Mixed (20-49)NC
William WhittakerEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Open Male (20-49)
Rex WinterbottomEntry ConfirmedBAOC2 hr Open Male (20-49)NC
Gavin Wyatt-MairEntry ConfirmedBAOCNC4 hr Masters Male (50+)

Event Totals
Total Registered 82
Total Confirmed 79
2 HR 41
4 HR 41
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.