Flying Pig XXIII and 2018 OUSA Masters Nationals Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Guy Olsen, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?ClubFri.Mid ClassFri.Mid CrsFri.Mid StartSat.Cl1 ClassSat.Cl1 CrsSat.Cl1 StartSun.Cl2 ClassSun.Cl2 CrsSun.Cl2 Start
Alaric AaronsonEntry ConfirmedWNCOCM-101 White14:54M-101 White 11:48M-101 White10:48
David AaronsonEntry ConfirmedWNCOCM45+8 Red14:41M45+8 Red10:01M45+8 Red09:01
Greg AhlswedeEntry ConfirmedDVOAM-21+9 Blue14:48M-21+9 Blue10:34M-21+9 Blue09:46
Videlin AleksievEntry ConfirmedQOCM-21+9 Blue15:06M40+8 Red10:35M40+8 Red10:11
Diana AleksievaEntry ConfirmedQOCF-21+8 Red15:23F-21+8 Red10:31F-21+8 Red10:17
Nicole AleksievaEntry ConfirmedQOCF-121 White14:38F-121 White 10:44F-121 White09:48
Petya AleksievaEntry ConfirmedQOCF40+6 Green A15:19F40+6 Green A10:25F40+6 Green A10:01
Ann AlmstedtEntry ConfirmedCOOF-Brown4 Brown A14:15F-Brown4 Brown A11:29F-Brown4 Brown A09:53
Carlton AshbyEntry ConfirmedQOCM-163 Orange14:22M-163 Orange10:46M-163 Orange09:02
Justin AugustineEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-21+9 Blue15:56M-21+9 Blue10:46M-21+9 Blue09:12
Amy BankEntry ConfirmedSMOCF45+6 Green A15:45F45+6 Green A10:59F45+6 Green A09:21
Joseph BarrettEntry ConfirmedQOCM-21+9 Blue14:42M-21+9 Blue10:44M-21+9 Blue09:32
Laurie BishopEntry ConfirmedOLOUF45+6 Green A14:51F45+6 Green A10:53F45+6 Green A09:29
Brenda BlacklockEntry ConfirmedICOF50+6 Green A14:03F50+6 Green A10:49F50+6 Green A09:33
Bob BoltzEntry ConfirmedNEOOCM65+5 Brown B15:02M65+5 Brown B10:48M65+5 Brown B09:34
Bridge BordelonEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCF-21+8 Red15:49F-21+8 Red11:39F-21+8 Red09:07
Joe BrautigamEntry ConfirmedWCOCM55+7 Green B14:48M55+7 Green B11:24M55+7 Green B09:36
Eileen BresemanEntry ConfirmedCOCF55+5 Brown B14:08F55+5 Brown B10:34F55+5 Brown B09:50
Richard BresemanEntry ConfirmedCOCM60+7 Green B14:02M60+7 Green B11:06M60+7 Green B09:56
Phil BrickerEntry ConfirmedNEOCNCNCNC
Anna BringleEntry ConfirmedGAOCF45+6 Green A15:29F45+6 Green A11:09F45+6 Green A10:15
Ruth BromerEntry ConfirmedBOKF70+4 Brown A14:03F65+4 Brown A10:03F65+4 Brown A09:07
Allison BrownEntry ConfirmedQOCF35+6 Green A15:11F35+6 Green A10:33F35+6 Green A09:49
Benjamin BruderEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM35+8 RedM35+8 RedM35+8 Red
Yuriy BulkaEntry ConfirmedBOKNCM45+8 Red11:33M45+8 Red10:39
Gavin BurkheadEntry ConfirmedSMOCNCGrp-White1 White 10:04NC
Joseph BurkheadEntry ConfirmedSMOCM40+8 Red14:05M40+8 Red10:05NC
Rebecca BurkheadEntry ConfirmedSMOCF-Orange3 Orange15:50NCNC
Anna CampbellEntry ConfirmedCOCF-163 Orange14:42F-163 Orange10:26F-163 Orange09:38
Jonathan CampbellEntry ConfirmedCOCM45+8 Red15:45M40+8 Red10:07M40+8 Red10:35
Peter CampbellEntry ConfirmedCOCM-121 White14:46M-121 White 10:40M-121 White09:52
Victoria CampbellEntry ConfirmedCOCF45+6 Green A14:07F40+6 Green A11:43F40+6 Green A09:05
Lisa CarrEntry ConfirmedNTOAF-Brown4 Brown A15:01F-Brown4 Brown A11:03F-Brown4 Brown A09:03
Thomas CarrEntry ConfirmedNTOAM45+8 Red14:43M45+8 Red11:41M45+8 Red09:05
James CarterEntry ConfirmedOLOUM65+5 Brown B14:52M65+5 Brown B11:10M65+5 Brown B09:04
Debbie CharalaivanEntry ConfirmedNoneF-Orange3 Orange14:26F-Orange3 Orange10:42F-Orange3 Orange09:22
Raymond ChungEntry ConfirmedTOCM55+7 Green B15:44M55+7 Green B11:30M55+7 Green B09:30
Paul ClatterbuckEntry ConfirmedPTOCM70+5 Brown B14:30M70+5 Brown B11:02M70+5 Brown B09:14
Jeremy ColganEntry ConfirmedHVOM-21+9 Blue15:58M-21+9 Blue10:36M-21+9 Blue09:42
Mitch CollinsworthEntry ConfirmedROCM60+7 Green B15:00M55+7 Green B11:12M55+7 Green B09:48
Nathan CollinsworthEntry ConfirmedROCM-208 Red15:13M-208 Red10:49M-208 Red09:53
Geoffrey ConnorEntry ConfirmedHVOM80+4 Brown A14:11M80+4 Brown A10:39M80+4 Brown A10:39
Aleighla CreagerEntry ConfirmedOCINF-142 Yellow15:03F-142 Yellow10:09F-142 Yellow09:53
Hayden CreagerEntry ConfirmedOCINM-142 Yellow15:11M-White1 White 10:08M-White1 White09:56
Noa DannakerMissing WaiverOCINNCM-208 Red10:11M-208 Red10:05
Shane DawaltEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Ian DunlapEntry ConfirmedOLOUNCM-121 White 10:52M-121 White09:40
Ryan DunlapEntry ConfirmedOLOUNCM35+8 Red10:39M35+8 Red10:07
Vera EamesEntry ConfirmedStarsF60+5 Brown B15:24F60+5 Brown B10:22F60+5 Brown B10:06
Riley EckEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-21+9 Blue15:52M-21+9 Blue10:50M-21+9 Blue09:08
Michael EglinskiEntry ConfirmedOKNCM50+7 Green B11:46M50+7 Green B09:32
Gheorghe FalaEntry ConfirmedBOKM-21+9 Blue15:02M-21+9 Blue10:22M-21+9 Blue10:00
Gregory FasigEntry ConfirmedOCINM50+7 Green B15:36M50+7 Green B10:24M50+7 Green B10:34
Justin FeasterEntry ConfirmedOLOUM35+8 Red15:29M35+8 Red10:19M35+8 Red10:33
Kevin FisherEntry ConfirmedWPOCM-21+9 Blue14:56M-21+9 Blue11:00M-21+9 Blue09:30
Sydney FisherEntry ConfirmedWPOCF-21+8 Red14:55F-21+8 Red11:07F-21+8 Red09:25
Christiane FletcherEntry ConfirmedGAOCF-207 Green B15:40F-207 Green B10:22F-207 Green B10:36
William (BJ) FosterEntry ConfirmedSMOCM35+8 Red15:37M35+8 Red11:11M35+8 Red09:29
Victor FrolenkoEntry ConfirmedDVOAM-208 Red14:51M-187 Green B11:34M-187 Green B09:22
Rich GaylordEntry ConfirmedCAOCM75+4 Brown A15:15M75+4 Brown A10:45M75+4 Brown A09:43
Ted GoodEntry ConfirmedQOCM45+8 Red15:03M45+8 Red11:03M45+8 Red09:39
Peter GoodwinEntry ConfirmedUNOM65+5 Brown B15:06M65+5 Brown B10:00M65+5 Brown B09:46
Boris GranovskiyEntry ConfirmedQOCM-21+9 Blue14:46M35+8 Red10:41M35+8 Red09:35
Whitney GundermanEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCF-21+8 Red15:51F-21+8 Red11:35F-21+8 Red09:11
Vladimir GusiatnikovEntry ConfirmedOCINM-21+9 Blue14:54M45+8 Red10:47M45+8 Red09:55
Igor GuskovEntry ConfirmedSMOCM45+8 Red15:15M45+8 Red10:45M45+8 Red09:59
Jim HallEntry ConfirmedCOKM45+8 Red14:45M60+7 Green B11:10M70+5 Brown B09:08
Benjamin HartEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
George HawesEntry ConfirmedHVOM80+4 Brown A15:21M80+4 Brown A10:35M80+4 Brown A09:45
William HawkinsEntry ConfirmedWCOCM-21+9 Blue15:40M40+8 Red10:55M40+8 Red09:49
Joseph HeindrichsEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-208 Red15:55M-208 Red11:27M-208 Red09:15
Tom HerrnsteinEntry ConfirmedOKM-21+9 Blue14:58M-21+9 Blue10:24M-21+9 Blue09:58
Jordan HertelEntry ConfirmedOCINNCM-187 Green B10:26M-187 Green B10:32
Francis HogleEntry ConfirmedQOCM75+4 Brown A15:37M70+5 Brown B10:16M70+5 Brown B10:12
Rob HolmesEntry ConfirmedROCM45+8 Red15:57M45+8 Red11:21M45+8 Red09:21
Joseph HubermanEntry ConfirmedBOKM65+5 Brown B14:04M65+5 Brown B10:04M65+5 Brown B09:10
Sevastian IrimieEntry ConfirmedStarsNCM55+7 Green B11:48M55+7 Green B09:04
Adam JohantgesEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-208 Red15:47M-208 Red11:43M-208 Red09:03
Mary JonesEntry ConfirmedOKNCF50+6 Green A11:39F50+6 Green A09:31
Samuel JonesEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-21+9 Blue15:48M-21+9 Blue10:54M-21+9 Blue09:04
Aaron JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINM-142 Yellow14:31M-142 Yellow10:53M-142 Yellow09:41
Dave JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINM-Green6 Green A15:01M-Green6 Green A10:43M-Green6 Green A09:41
Isaac JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINM-142 Yellow14:55M-142 Yellow10:41M-142 Yellow09:49
Tim JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINM-163 Orange14:30M-163 Orange10:38M-163 Orange09:26
Andrei KarpovEntry ConfirmedMNOCM40+8 Red15:09M40+8 Red10:59M40+8 Red08:59
Michael KeatingEntry ConfirmedSMOCM75+4 Brown A14:07M70+5 Brown B10:06NC
Julie KeimEntry ConfirmedSVOF35+6 Green A15:07F35+6 Green A10:37F35+6 Green A09:47
Priscilla KelleyEntry ConfirmedOCINF-207 Green B15:56F-207 Green B10:10F-207 Green B10:08
Alena KhilkoEntry ConfirmedCAOCF-21+8 Red15:17F-21+8 Red10:43F-21+8 Red10:03
Kenneth KlingEntry ConfirmedOLOUM60+7 Green B15:18M60+7 Green B10:48M60+7 Green B10:12
Linda KohnEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Laszlo KolyvekEntry ConfirmedCOCM50+7 Green B15:28M50+7 Green B10:38M50+7 Green B09:28
JP LandeEntry ConfirmedRMOCM45+8 Red15:27M55+7 Green B10:32M55+7 Green B10:26
Anthony LeitonEntry ConfirmedBGRNCM-21+9 Blue10:26M-21+9 Blue09:54
Greg LennonEntry ConfirmedQOCNCM60+7 Green B10:14M60+7 Green B10:14
Kathleen LennonEntry ConfirmedQOCNCF55+5 Brown B10:14F55+5 Brown B10:14
Nancy LoganEntry ConfirmedOLOUNCF65+4 Brown A10:27F65+4 Brown A09:55
Cristina LuisEntry ConfirmedTSNNCF35+6 Green A11:35F35+6 Green A09:17
Vladimir LyukEntry ConfirmedOtherM50+7 Green B14:34M50+7 Green B11:42M50+7 Green B09:12
Fred MaileyEntry ConfirmedNEOOCM60+7 Green B14:36M60+7 Green B11:40M60+7 Green B09:14
B. Brooke MannEntry ConfirmedRMOCF-21+8 Red14:57F45+6 Green A10:55F45+6 Green A09:27
Corinne MaylandEntry ConfirmedDVOAF45+6 Green A14:53F45+6 Green A10:07F45+6 Green A09:35
Kirsten MaylandEntry ConfirmedDVOAF-207 Green B14:46F-207 Green B11:32F-207 Green B09:26
Madeline McCarrenEntry ConfirmedCAOCF50+6 Green A14:57F60+5 Brown B10:44F60+5 Brown B09:40
Lisa McNerneyEntry ConfirmedCAOCF60+5 Brown B14:34F60+5 Brown B10:40F60+5 Brown B09:42
Pat MeehanEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Chris MerloEntry ConfirmedQOCM-208 Red14:47M-208 Red11:37M-208 Red09:09
Bruce MetzEntry ConfirmedCAOCM65+5 Brown B15:04M-Brown4 Brown A10:43M-Brown4 Brown A09:35
Finley MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINM-163 Orange14:34M-163 Orange10:34M-163 Orange09:30
Koert MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINM-187 Green B15:10M-187 Green B11:00M-187 Green B10:02
Reed MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINM-121 White14:30M-121 White 10:48M-121 White09:44
Salinda MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINF-207 Green B15:20F-207 Green B10:44F-207 Green B10:16
George MinarikEntry ConfirmedBAOCM70+5 Brown B15:32M70+5 Brown B10:24M70+5 Brown B10:04
Leslie MinarikEntry ConfirmedBAOCF65+4 Brown A15:35F65+4 Brown A10:21F65+4 Brown A10:01
Michael MiniumEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Aidan MintoEntry ConfirmedICOM-21+9 Blue14:10M-21+9 Blue10:30M-21+9 Blue09:52
Robert MintoEntry ConfirmedICOM45+8 Red14:01M45+8 Red10:23M45+8 Red10:27
Jett MontesEntry ConfirmedQOCM-Yellow2 Yellow14:47M-Yellow2 Yellow10:45M-Orange3 Orange09:46
Bruce MooreEntry ConfirmedOLOUNCNCNC
Galen MooreEntry ConfirmedRMOCM50+7 Green B15:42M50+7 Green B10:20M50+7 Green B10:38
Katherine MossEntry ConfirmedDVOAF50+6 Green A15:15F45+6 Green A10:27F45+6 Green A09:57
Carl MuenchEntry ConfirmedQOCM55+7 Green B14:30M50+7 Green B11:50M50+7 Green B09:02
Karen MuffattiEntry ConfirmedWCOCNCF55+5 Brown B11:50F55+5 Brown B10:26
Tony MuffattiEntry ConfirmedWCOCNCM60+7 Green B11:56M60+7 Green B10:30
Dan MukhinEntry ConfirmedICOM-187 Green B14:32M-187 Green B11:52M-187 Green B09:10
Max MukhinEntry ConfirmedICOM-21+9 Blue14:44M-21+9 Blue10:42M-21+9 Blue09:38
Nik MukhinEntry ConfirmedICOM-187 Green B15:06M-187 Green B11:04M-187 Green B09:52
Henrik NaessEntry ConfirmedCAOCM-142 Yellow14:39M-142 Yellow10:49M-142 Yellow09:45
Magnus NaessEntry ConfirmedCAOCM-187 Green B14:52M-187 Green B11:20M-187 Green B09:40
Oivind NaessEntry ConfirmedCAOCM50+7 Green B15:08M50+7 Green B11:08M50+7 Green B09:54
Charles NashEntry ConfirmedOCINNCM65+5 Brown B10:32M65+5 Brown B09:52
Leslie NashEntry ConfirmedOCINNCF-207 Green B10:58F-207 Green B10:04
Allan NewmanEntry ConfirmedSMOCM70+5 Brown B15:14M70+5 Brown B10:30M70+5 Brown B09:56
Edward NiemannEntry ConfirmedDVOAM65+5 Brown B15:20M65+5 Brown B10:28M65+5 Brown B10:02
Nancy NiemannEntry ConfirmedHOCF65+4 Brown A14:01F65+4 Brown A10:33F65+4 Brown A09:47
Viktor NikolenkoEntry ConfirmedCAOCM45+8 Red15:41M45+8 Red11:23M45+8 Red09:19
Tom NolanEntry ConfirmedQOCM65+5 Brown B15:28M65+5 Brown B10:18M65+5 Brown B10:10
Danny O'CallaghanEntry ConfirmedAOCM45+8 Red15:25M45+8 Red10:27M45+8 Red10:25
Maricel OlaruEntry ConfirmedCAOCM-21+9 Blue15:04M40+8 Red10:15M40+8 Red10:01
Eric OlsenEntry ConfirmedCAOCNCM40+8 Red10:21M40+8 Red10:29
Guy OlsenEntry ConfirmedHVONC15:27M-Brown4 Brown A10:25NC09:57
Stanimir PandelovEntry ConfirmedCAOCNCM40+8 Red11:19M40+8 Red09:23
Marie-Josee ParayreEntry ConfirmedBAOCF45+6 Green A14:49F40+6 Green A10:57F40+6 Green A09:25
Rich ParkerEntry ConfirmedBAOCM75+4 Brown A15:09M75+4 Brown A10:53M75+4 Brown A09:27
Shelley PenningtonEntry ConfirmedOLOUF50+6 Green A14:55F50+6 Green A10:45F50+6 Green A09:37
Ethan PowersEntry ConfirmedOCINM-163 Orange15:54NCNC
Todd PownellEntry ConfirmedNEOOCM45+8 Red15:01M45+8 Red11:09M45+8 Red09:33
Bill PullmanEntry ConfirmedMNOCM65+5 Brown B15:48M-Brown4 Brown A10:49M-Brown4 Brown A09:31
Joseph RatermannEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Sophie RatermannEntry ConfirmedOCINF-185 Brown B15:10F-185 Brown B10:36F-185 Brown B09:48
Dave ReederEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Michael ReeseEntry ConfirmedCAOCM55+7 Green B14:56M50+7 Green B11:16M50+7 Green B09:42
Angelica RileyEntry ConfirmedDVOAF45+6 Green A15:03F45+6 Green A10:41F45+6 Green A09:43
Anthony RileyEntry ConfirmedDVOAM-21+9 Blue15:10M-21+9 Blue10:56M-21+9 Blue09:50
Danny RileyEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-208 Red15:53M-208 Red11:31M-208 Red09:13
Oriana RileyEntry ConfirmedDVOAF-207 Green B15:14F-207 Green B10:50F-207 Green B10:10
Wyatt RileyEntry ConfirmedDVOAM45+8 Red15:21M45+8 Red10:37M45+8 Red10:09
Matthew RobbinsEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Reta RoeEntry ConfirmedPTOCF75+4 Brown A14:33F75+4 Brown A10:59F75+4 Brown A09:11
Joseph RomanEntry ConfirmedOCINM55+7 Green B15:30M55+7 Green B10:36M55+7 Green B10:24
Stephanie RossEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Kathy Jo RufenerEntry ConfirmedNEOOCF50+6 Green A15:13F50+6 Green A10:31F50+6 Green A09:53
Aleksey SabuninEntry ConfirmedSDOM-21+9 Blue15:08M35+8 Red10:29M35+8 Red10:23
Gino SaponariEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-21+9 Blue15:54M-21+9 Blue10:48M-21+9 Blue09:10
Martin SchwetterEntry ConfirmedCAOCM40+8 Red14:49M40+8 Red11:25M40+8 Red09:17
Joe SehnalEntry ConfirmedCAOCM75+4 Brown A15:33M75+4 Brown A10:23M75+4 Brown A09:59
Charlie ShahbazianEntry ConfirmedCAOCM60+7 Green B14:44M65+5 Brown B10:56M65+5 Brown B09:24
Rick ShaneEntry ConfirmedGAOCM-Brown4 Brown A15:07M-Brown4 Brown A10:55M-Brown4 Brown A09:25
Mike ShifmanEntry ConfirmedPTOCM80+4 Brown A14:37M80+4 Brown A10:17M80+4 Brown A09:17
Chiori ShimizuEntry ConfirmedCOOF60+5 Brown B15:00F60+5 Brown B10:50F60+5 Brown B09:30
Shin ShimizuEntry ConfirmedCOOM60+7 Green B14:40M60+7 Green B11:36M60+7 Green B09:20
Walter SiegenthalerEntry ConfirmedCOKM70+5 Brown B14:50M65+5 Brown B11:12M65+5 Brown B09:02
Steve SimpsonEntry ConfirmedSMOCM40+8 Red15:43M40+8 Red11:05M40+8 Red09:37
Stefan SlutskyEntry ConfirmedHVOM55+7 Green B14:50M55+7 Green B11:22M55+7 Green B09:38
Aaron SmithEntry ConfirmedOLOUM35+8 Red15:07M35+8 Red11:01M35+8 Red09:41
Eric SmithEntry ConfirmedCNYOM75+4 Brown A15:17M75+4 Brown A10:41M75+4 Brown A09:37
Linda SmithEntry ConfirmedOLOUF-Orange3 Orange14:38F-Orange3 Orange10:30F-Orange3 Orange09:34
Sam SmithEntry ConfirmedGAOCM65+5 Brown B15:26M60+7 Green B10:54M60+7 Green B10:06
Brennan StoneEntry ConfirmedQOCM-187 Green B15:12M-187 Green B10:52M-187 Green B09:08
Melanie StowellEntry ConfirmedWNCOCNCF45+6 Green A11:47F45+6 Green A10:47
Christopher SvobodaEntry ConfirmedCAOCM55+7 Green B15:22M55+7 Green B10:42M55+7 Green B10:18
Tom SvobodnyEntry ConfirmedMVOCM60+7 Green B15:32M60+7 Green B10:30M60+7 Green B10:28
Laurie SydzyikEntry ConfirmedOCINF50+6 Green A15:21F55+5 Brown B10:20F55+5 Brown B10:08
Florence TanEntry ConfirmedQOCF55+5 Brown B15:12F50+6 Green A10:29F50+6 Green A09:55
Gale TeschendorfEntry ConfirmedCAOCM60+7 Green B14:06NCNC
Peyton Torres-CruzEntry ConfirmedOCINM-163 Orange15:46M-163 Orange10:22M-163 Orange09:50
Glen TrysonEntry ConfirmedEMPOM60+7 Green B15:04M65+5 Brown B10:58M65+5 Brown B09:22
Janet TrysonEntry ConfirmedEMPOF65+4 Brown A15:05F65+4 Brown A10:57F65+4 Brown A09:21
Lise ValentineEntry ConfirmedCAOCF-21+8 Red14:59F-21+8 Red11:13F-21+8 Red09:27
Aloysius van StaverenEntry ConfirmedWNCOCM65+5 Brown B14:56M65+5 Brown B10:54M65+5 Brown B09:28
Sergey VelichkoEntry ConfirmedCTOCM55+7 Green B14:38M55+7 Green B11:38M55+7 Green B09:18
George WalkerEntry ConfirmedWCOCM75+4 Brown A15:11M75+4 Brown A10:51M75+4 Brown A09:29
Lynette WalkerEntry ConfirmedWCOCF75+4 Brown A15:13F75+4 Brown A10:47F75+4 Brown A09:33
David WallerEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
David WebberEntry ConfirmedHVOM35+8 Red15:33M60+7 Green B10:04M60+7 Green B09:34
Peter WeberEntry ConfirmedBFLOM50+7 Green B14:58M50+7 Green B11:14M50+7 Green B09:46
Gavin WeiseEntry ConfirmedQOCNCM40+8 Red10:57M40+8 Red09:47
Joyce WhalenEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Rob WilkisonEntry ConfirmedDVOAM65+5 Brown B14:54M65+5 Brown B11:08M65+5 Brown B09:06
David WilliamsEntry ConfirmedOCINNCNCNC
Graeme WilsonEntry ConfirmedVOCNCM80+4 Brown A10:37M80+4 Brown A09:41
Kevin WolgastEntry ConfirmedUSMAOCM-21+9 Blue15:50M-21+9 Blue10:52M-21+9 Blue09:06
Peter ZakrevskiEntry ConfirmedHVOM-21+9 Blue14:50M-21+9 Blue10:32M-21+9 Blue09:48
Frederick ZendtEntry ConfirmedGAOCM60+7 Green B15:24M60+7 Green B10:40M60+7 Green B10:20

Event Totals
Total Registered 204
Total Confirmed 203
Fri.Mid 166
Sat.Cl1 187
Sun.Cl2 183
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.