2017 NAV-X Challenge #5 - Joe Grant Quad Trek - 3, 5, or 16 in 24 hour adventure Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club16hr Member Crs16hr Member Start16hr Non-mem Crs16hr Non-mem Start5HR Member Crs5HR Member Start5HR Non-Mem Crs5HR Non-Mem Start3HR Member Crs3HR Member Start3HR Non-Mem Crs3HR Non-Mem Start
Stan BarrettEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Robert ChenEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Michelle ConditEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Kevin CulbergEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Riley CulbergEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Jonathan deSouzaEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Greg EhrensingEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Daniel EngovatovEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Michael ErtmannEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)NC
Rikke ErtmannEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)NC
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Randall FranklinEntry ConfirmedOtherNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Jun FujisawaEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Kathy GioriEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Nick GioriEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Steve GreggEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Øystein GrøvlenEntry ConfirmedOtherNCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)
Werner HaagEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Steve HaasEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Kyle HallidayEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Kevin HinkleyEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Jitka HiscoxEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Sam HoEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Michael HollidayEntry ConfirmedCROCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Terri HuntEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Mats JanssonEntry ConfirmedNAVXMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Jeffrey KabelEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Kyle KettenEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCJunior Male or Mixed (19 & under)NC
Richard KochBalance DueNoneNCNCNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)
Fyodor KonkovEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Tim KuensterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Ginny LaformeEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Bud LairdEntry ConfirmedNoneNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNC
Jeff LanamEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Nancy LindemanEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Ivan LopezEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Derek MacleanEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Roy MaloneEntry ConfirmedGCOMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Mary Kate MaltzanEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)
Tom MeyerEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Scott MobleyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Scott MooreEntry ConfirmedLAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Joel OlsonEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Jonathan OwensEntry ConfirmedTruckeeNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Marie-Josee ParayreEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)NC
Kyle PolandEntry ConfirmedGCONCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Mark PriorEntry ConfirmedSDONCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Tom ProulxEntry ConfirmedNoneNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNC
Eric RobinsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Eric RosenzweigEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NC
Scott SampsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Johanna SchleretEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Geoffrey SearsEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNC
Daniel SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCJunior Male or Mixed (19 & under)NC
Lubomir SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Adam SmithlineEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
John StraigisEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNC
Takashi SugiyamaEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NC
Charles TriponezEntry ConfirmedOtherNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Eva TsaiBalance DueNoneNCNCNCNCNCFamily - Adult+Children (12&under)
Kim van BerkelEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)NCNCNCNCNC
Theo VerhoevenEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Vicki WoolworthEntry ConfirmedNAVXMasters Female (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Gavin Wyatt-MairEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male or Mixed (50+)NCNCNCNCNC
Jessica YangEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCNCNCOpen Male or Mixed (20-49)

Event Totals
Total Registered 66
Total Confirmed 64
16hr Member 15
16hr Non-mem 9
5HR Member 13
5HR Non-Mem 6
3HR Member 18
3HR Non-Mem 5
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.