2017 NAV-X Challenge #2 - Tamarancho - 2 or 4 Hour Map Adventure Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Heidi Cusworth, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?Club4HR Member Crs4HR Member Start4HR Non-Mem Crs4HR Non-Mem Start2HR Member Crs2HR Member Start2HR Non-Mem Crs2HR Non-Mem Start
Stan BarrettEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Ryan BavettaEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Chris BerggrenEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Christopher BooneEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Alexander BrennenEntry ConfirmedNoneNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNC
Emily BreslinEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Gary CarpenterEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Michelle ConditEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Mike ConoverEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Bob CooleyEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Sheila CotterEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Patrick CourtneyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Penny DeMossBalance DueBAOCMasters Female (50+)NCNCNC
Jared Deselms-CHSEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Steven DukeEntry ConfirmedGCONCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
Greg EhrensingEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NC
John EndicottEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Daniel EngovatovEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)NC
Greg FavorEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Jun FujisawaEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Jose Maria Garcia LoboEntry ConfirmedOtherNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Matthew Gibson-CHSEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Peter GraubeEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Øystein GrøvlenEntry ConfirmedOtherNCNCNCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)
Kyle HallidayEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Jason HardyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Mary HardyEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Stephen HarrisonEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Michael HollidayEntry ConfirmedCROCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Lisa HugheyEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Eddie HuoEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Daniel Ingram-CHSEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Mats JanssonEntry ConfirmedGCOMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Molly JonesEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Female (20-49)NCNC
Jeffrey KabelEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Roman KamykEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)
Mareese KeaneEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)
Jennifer KerrEntry ConfirmedGCONCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Kyle KettenEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Richard KochEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)
Olga KraghtEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCMasters Female (50+)NC
Konstantin KravtsovEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Ginny LaFormeEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Agnieszka LewandowskaEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)
Jeff LinderEntry ConfirmedLAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Roy MaloneEntry ConfirmedGCOMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Harris MasonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Jarrod-CHS MeyerEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Darian MontalvoEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)
Scott MooreEntry ConfirmedLAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Alex MorrisEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Christopher OgrainEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Chris PaluchPending Confirmation. Please contact event registrar for detailsBAOCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNCNC
Kyle PeterEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Andrew PetersonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Sean PontEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Mark PriorEntry ConfirmedSDOOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Dan RathbunEntry ConfirmedGCONCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNC
Eric RobinsonEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Zac RossenEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNC
Keja RoweEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)
Briana Sanchez-CHSEntry ConfirmedBAOCJunior Female (19 & under)NCNCNC
Johanna SchleretEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Female (20-49)NCNCNC
Geoffrey SearsEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Male/Mixed (50+)NCNCNC
Daniel SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NC
Lubomir SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Matej SeboEntry ConfirmedBAOCNCNCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NC
Michael TheissBalance DueBAOCNCJunior Male/Mixed (19 & under)NCNC
Eva TsaiEntry ConfirmedNoneNCNCNCFamily (Adult + 12 & under)
Kim van BerkelEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Aron WalkerEntry ConfirmedBAOCOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Vicki WoolworthEntry ConfirmedBAOCMasters Female (50+)NCNCNC
Ryan ZahnerEntry ConfirmedGCOOpen Male/Mixed (20-49)NCNCNC
Molly ZookEntry ConfirmedNoneNCOpen Female (20-49)NCNC

Event Totals
Total Registered 74
Total Confirmed 71
4HR Member 37
4HR Non-Mem 13
2HR Member 10
2HR Non-Mem 14
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.