TROL Training Camp 2018 and TROL or WARS season pass Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Start times will be posted shortly before the event. Please contact the Event Registrar, Mike Minium, if you have any questions.

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NameConf?ClubTROLcamp Start
Mike AllenEntry ConfirmedMVOCN
Bryan CasteelEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Jack CrawfordEntry ConfirmedOCINY
Jason DayEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Adam EscobedoEntry ConfirmedNoneN
Kellen EscobedoBalance DueNoneY
Kellen EscobedoEntry ConfirmedNoneY
Lorelei EscobedoBalance DueNoneY
Lorelei EscobedoEntry ConfirmedNoneY
Gregory FasigEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Gregory FasigEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Elizabeth Fisher-SmithBalance DueOCINN
Jay HallgarthEntry ConfirmedNoneN
Benjamin HartEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Sue HeidelEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Aaron JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Dave JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Isaac JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Tim JouwstraEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Peyton KenistonEntry ConfirmedOtherN
Dave LaneEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Pat MeehanEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Bonnie MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Finley MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Koert MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Reed MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Salinda MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Thurston MillerEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Kevin MitchellEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Dan MukhinEntry ConfirmedICON
Nik MukhinEntry ConfirmedICON
Jeff NapierEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Charles NashEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Marc OriaEntry ConfirmedOtherN
Dominic RagusaEntry ConfirmedNoneY
John RatermannEntry ConfirmedOCINY
Joseph RatermannEntry ConfirmedOCINY
Sophie RatermannEntry ConfirmedOCINY
David RobinsonEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Stephanie RossEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Mathieu SertorioEntry ConfirmedOtherN
Riyad ShammaBalance DueNoneY
Adam SheppardEntry ConfirmedOCINY
Shin ShimizuEntry ConfirmedCOON
Laurie SydzyikEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Gary ThomasEntry ConfirmedOCINN
Joyce WhalenEntry ConfirmedOCINN

Event Totals
Total Registered 47
Total Confirmed 43
TROLcamp 11
* Confirmed? Check markindicates a confirmed entry. No Waiver indicates no waiver. Balance Due indicates an outstanding balance. Unknown Status indicates an unknown status.