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TROL-WARS season pass

Season Pass to OCIN TROL-WARS league. TROL for high school students and younger, WARS for adults
TROL-WARS Season Pass
TROL season pass for students in high school or younger. If two or more children from the same family join TROL, select the "sibling" price ($10 per child discount). WARS season pass is for adults. All passes include free entry to all league events, use of OCIN SportIdent card for all events, and 1 year OCIN membership. TROL membership also includes Orienteering USA membership and quarterly magazine (one magazine per family).

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Orienteering Cincinnati membership

If you are NOT purchasing a season pass, but would like to join OCIN (and receive member discount rates and email newsletter), please choose an option below.
Orienteering Cincinnati (OCIN) membershi
if you are joining as a family membership, please enter names and birth years of all family members in the "additional request" line below.

Additional requests

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Additional requests

PAST - TROL-WARS training day - Nov 25

no longer available - do not select
TROL-WARS Training Day - Nov 25

PAST - TROL - WARS competition - Nov 26

no longer available - do not select
pre-register for competition on Nov 26 a



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