Firestone B.S Camp Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Firestone
Super Squirrels None Grp (3) White
No Directions Needed LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Vari Family LAOC Grp (2) White
I Don't Know LAOC Grp (2) Orange
Evgeniy Bachtinov None Ind White
Christian Bower LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Austin Chen LAOC Ind Yellow
Sean Chiang LAOC Ind White
Anthony Cho LAOC Ind Yellow
kara chuang LAOC Ind Orange
Charlotte Dekany LAOC Ind Yellow
Richard Dekany LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Ryan Dekany LAOC Ind White
Sue Dekany LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Cassandra Durand LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Clare Durand LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Steven Durand LAOC Ind Long Advanced
maddie emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Joshua Estacio LAOC Ind Orange
Nicholas Faries None Ind Yellow
Duane Griffin LAOC Ind White
Timothy Hsu LAOC Ind White
Erica Hu LAOC Ind White
Justin Jia LAOC Ind White
Safwaan Khan LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Ryan Kim LAOC Ind Short Advanced
robert kirkland None Ind Yellow
Elvin Koay LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Christopher Kohler LAOC Ind Orange
Denise Kohler LAOC Ind White
Pamela Kohler None Ind White
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Yellow
Jeff Laun LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Zheng Liu LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Raymond and Bennett LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Alexa Mascola LAOC Ind White
Ryan Mascola LAOC Ind White
Richard Mealio LAOC Ind White
David Mulholland None Ind White
Sean Mulholland None Ind White
vienna murillo LAOC Ind Yellow
Jasmine Ng LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Kenneth Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Dharam Patel LAOC Ind Orange
Punit Patel LAOC Ind Yellow
Enoch Peng LAOC Ind Yellow
Luigi Perotti LAOC Ind Orange
Alex Pham LAOC Ind Yellow
Allan Pincus LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Darren Robinson LAOC Ind Short Advanced
Nick Rubia LAOC Ind Orange
Andrew Setiadi LAOC Ind Yellow
Brandon Shin LAOC Ind Yellow
Karen Simon LAOC Ind Yellow
william smathers LAOC Ind Long Advanced
nancy smith None Ind White
Jonathan Sun LAOC Ind White
Jacob Teepen LAOC Ind Long Advanced
Ryan Tran LAOC Ind White
Edmund Tseng LAOC Ind Yellow
Ethan Varela LAOC Ind Orange
Eduard Vaysleb None Ind Yellow
Katrina Yap LAOC Ind Orange

Total Entered: 70
Total Registrations: 64