Schabarum Jan 11,2015 Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Schabarum
Eldorado Boys None Grp (3) Advanced
Ramona 1 None Grp (3) White
Eldorado Girls None Grp (3) Orange
Raymond & Benette LAOC Grp (2) Orange
The Girls SDO Grp (3) Yellow
Point Loma High School None Grp (6) Orange
Fireballs None Grp (4) Yellow
The Guys SDO Grp (3) Yellow
Garcia Family Other Grp (3) White
The Milk Shakes None Grp (2) Yellow
Ramona 2 None Grp (2) White
Kim & Karen LAOC Grp (2) Orange
BB & TT None Grp (2) Orange
Mason Family None Grp (5) Yellow
Saltine Thieves None Grp (2) White
Salmi/Tala Other Grp (2) Advanced
Ramona 4 None Grp (2) Advanced
Ramona 3 None Grp (3) Advanced
THE FIRST TIMERS None Grp (3) Yellow
Angela Ahern None Ind Yellow
Blake Arce None Ind Advanced
Joanne Ayala None Ind Yellow
Randy basel None Ind Advanced
Roselle Benedictos None Ind Yellow
Jacob Blauser None Ind Advanced
Mikhail Brushtunov LAOC Ind Advanced
Alex Caligurian None Ind Orange
Rye Cassan None Ind Advanced
Chris Cassone LAOC Ind Advanced
Chris Cervantes None Ind Advanced
Austin Chen LAOC Ind Orange
Anthony Cho LAOC Ind Orange
Alaina Christie None Ind Yellow
Angela Chu-Yeom None Ind Yellow
kara chuang LAOC Ind Orange
Steve Churchill LAOC Ind Advanced
Terry Churchill LAOC Ind Orange
Marshall Cobb None Ind Orange
Jean Cook None Ind Advanced
Doug Crawford None Ind Advanced
Jon Crawford None Ind Advanced
Charlotte Dekany LAOC Ind Yellow
Richard Dekany LAOC Ind Advanced
Ryan Dekany LAOC Ind White
Sue Dekany LAOC Ind Orange
john dionisio Other Ind Advanced
Gary W. Dolgin LAOC Ind Orange
Jonathan Duarte None Ind Yellow
neftali duarte Other Ind Advanced
maddie emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Joshua Estacio LAOC Ind Advanced
Adam Estes LAOC Ind Yellow
Stephen Forbes Other Ind Advanced
Maria Gallardo None Ind Orange
Bruce Garbaccio None Ind Orange
Citlalli Gomez LAOC Ind Orange
Duane Griffin LAOC Ind Orange
emily guarin LAOC Ind Yellow
Aiden Gutierrez None Ind Yellow
Michael Hardy None Ind Advanced
Thomas Hardy None Ind Advanced
William Heaton None Ind Advanced
Cesar Hernandez LAOC Ind Orange
Pablo Hernandez None Ind Yellow
Erik Hietala None Ind Advanced
Nancy Hodgkiss None Ind Orange
Todd Hook None Ind Advanced
Timothy Hsu LAOC Ind Advanced
Bob Johnson None Ind Orange
phs jv1 Other Ind Orange
phs jv2 Other Ind Orange
phs jv3 Other Ind Advanced
phs jv4 Other Ind Orange
phs jv5 Other Ind Orange
Safwaan Khan LAOC Ind Advanced
hannah kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Ryan Kim LAOC Ind Advanced
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Advanced
Robert Kirkland None Ind Advanced
Elvin Koay LAOC Ind Advanced
max koemans Other Ind Advanced
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Orange
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Yellow
Jacob Lee None Ind Yellow
Connor Lewis None Ind Advanced
Zheng Liu LAOC Ind Advanced
Mark Lozovy Other Ind Advanced
Leif Lundquist TSN Ind Advanced
adam macullah Other Ind Advanced
Bobby Mago None Ind Yellow
brandon mai Other Ind Advanced
Nathan McClure None Ind Orange
Tirta McCunney Other Ind Advanced
Bailey McLaren None Ind Yellow
Daniel Mocanu None Ind Orange
Kris Molinar None Ind Yellow
vienna murillo LAOC Ind Yellow
Karen Murphy LAOC Ind Orange
Patrick Myers None Ind Advanced
Rachael Myers None Ind Orange
Jasmine Ng LAOC Ind Advanced
Kenneth Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
Jessyca Ocampo None Ind Orange
Dylan Ortega None Ind Yellow
Brandon Otteson None Ind Advanced
Natali Pacheco None Ind Orange
Tyler Pak Other Ind White
Punit Patel LAOC Ind Yellow
Enoch Peng LAOC Ind Advanced
Luigi Perotti LAOC Ind Advanced
Montana Pettit None Ind White
Alex Pham LAOC Ind Orange
Allan Pincus LAOC Ind Advanced
Chase Polk None Ind Orange
Chris Ramirez None Ind Orange
Morgan Redford None Ind Orange
Yamileth Reyes None Ind Orange
Wesley Richardson None Ind Advanced
Grant Rimmer None Ind Yellow
Darren Robinson LAOC Ind Orange
Iran Rodriguez LAOC Ind Orange
Matt Sanford Other Ind Advanced
Allie Schmid None Ind Orange
Valentina Segalla None Ind Orange
Brandon Shin LAOC Ind Orange
Mitzy Silva None Ind Orange
Daniela Solano None Ind Orange
Joseph Solano None Ind Yellow
August Sturm None Ind Advanced
Jonathan Sun LAOC Ind Yellow
Richartd Sundell SDO Ind Orange
Jacob Teepen LAOC Ind Advanced
Nathan Thomas None Ind Orange
Brayan Torres LAOC Ind Orange
Billy Tretera None Ind Advanced
Jacob Underwood None Ind Advanced
Raphael Uribe None Ind Advanced
Ethan Varela LAOC Ind Advanced
Carley Warlick None Ind Advanced
Bell Wu LAOC Ind Advanced
Ahmad Xallen None Ind Orange
Katrina Yap LAOC Ind Advanced
Jesseca Yriarte None Ind Yellow
Grant Zonaras Other Ind Advanced

Total Entered: 180
Total Registrations: 144