Vasquez President's Day Event Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G
Avengers None Grp (4) Yellow NC
Tremblay Family None Grp (2) White NC
Right Shark None Grp (3) White NC
shibata None Grp (3) White NC
Clan Cameron None Grp (3) White NC
Troop Hope None Grp (2) White NC
Colon Other Grp (0) White NC
Cucamonga ZORT Other Grp (2) Yellow NC
Clan Armstrong None Grp (3) White NC
No Directions Needed LAOC Grp (2) Yellow NC
Eric Aliotta None Ind Orange NC
Yuri Cameron None Ind White NC
Charlotte Dekany LAOC Ind Yellow NC
Richard Dekany LAOC Ind Red NC
Ryan Dekany LAOC Ind White NC
Scott DeYoung None Ind Yellow NC
Sheldon Donenberg None Ind Yellow NC
Cassandra Durand LAOC Ind Brown NC
Steven Durand LAOC Ind Red NC
Ellis Eckles None Ind Yellow NC
ciara Edwards-Mendez None Ind Yellow NC
Daniel Ennis LAOC Ind Yellow NC
Laurens Fein LAOC Ind Orange NC
Pete Fuqua None Ind Orange NC
Bruce Garbaccio None Ind Orange NC
John Haggerty None Ind Orange NC
Troop Hope None Grp (2) White NC
Kole Hoffman None Ind Yellow NC
Alex Kiperman LAOC Ind Red NC
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Red NC
Robert Kirkland None Ind Red NC
Theodora Lake None Ind Yellow NC
Zheng Liu LAOC Ind Green NC
Lauren MacMullan LAOC Ind Brown NC
scott moore LAOC Ind Green NC
Anne Mullins LAOC Ind Brown NC
Kai Nugent None Ind Yellow NC
Luigi Perotti LAOC Ind Red NC
Isaac Prestwich None Ind Yellow NC
Tracey Ross LAOC Ind Yellow NC

Total Entered: 55
Total Registrations: 40