Topanga Orienteering Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Sun Classic
No Directions Needed LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Brian and Paula None Grp (2) Yellow
ECR 4 Other Grp (2) Orange
adventurers None Grp (3) Yellow
ECR 7 Other Grp (2) White
Hood None Grp (2) Advanced
JAMS Cushing None Grp (3) Yellow
Elizabeth None Grp (2) Yellow
The Eagles None Grp (2) Yellow
The Smiths None Grp (4) Yellow
The Other Team None Grp (2) Yellow
Searching for Catan LAOC Grp (3) Advanced
Team potatoes Other Grp (2) Yellow
Riptide LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Left and Right None Grp (2) White
ECR 1 Other Grp (2) Orange
ECR 10 Other Grp (2) Yellow
ECR 2 Other Grp (2) Orange
Giblin LAOC Grp (2) Orange
ECR 9 Other Grp (2) Yellow
Miller Family LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Riptide None Grp (2) Yellow
Ron & Becky None Grp (2) Yellow
ECR 3 Other Grp (2) Orange
ECR 5 Other Grp (2) White
ECR 6 Other Grp (2) White
Chad Agruso None Ind White
Summer Bennett Stein None Ind Yellow
Sandrine Berniolles None Ind Orange
Elaine Bonnitt None Ind Yellow
Oak Street None Grp (3) White
Victoria Chamberlin LAOC Ind Yellow
Austin Chang LAOC Ind Yellow
Brian Chang LAOC Ind Yellow
Cassidy Chen Other Ind Yellow
Andy Cho LAOC Ind White
Joel Choi LAOC Ind Yellow
kara chuang LAOC Ind Orange
ECR 8 Other Grp (2) Yellow
Anna Donate None Ind Yellow
madeline emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Adam Estes LAOC Ind Orange
Nicilas Fernandez LAOC Ind White
john flyer LAOC Ind Yellow
Kai Ford Other Ind Yellow
Bruce Garbaccio None Ind Orange
Eric Gim LAOC Ind Yellow
Danae Glenn Other Ind Yellow
Lily Goddard None Ind Yellow
Golden Gonzales-Palmer Other Ind Yellow
Mandela Gonzales-Palmer Other Ind Yellow
Duane Griffin LAOC Ind Orange
emily guarin LAOC Ind Yellow
Michael Guerra LAOC Ind Yellow
Jamie Hernandez - Troy LAOC Ind Yellow
Timothy Hsu LAOC Ind Orange
christie huntington None Ind White
Steve Joo LAOC Ind Yellow
Celia Kang LAOC Ind White
hannah kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Phillip Kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Ryan Kim LAOC Ind Advanced
Elvin Koay LAOC Ind Advanced
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Advanced
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Yellow
Grace Lee LAOC Ind Yellow
Kyle Lim LAOC Ind Yellow
Sean Lin LAOC Ind Yellow
alann lopes SDO Ind Advanced
John Magnussen None Ind White
Gene Mason None Ind Yellow
Grace McFalls None Ind Yellow
David McGarva LAOC Ind Advanced
vienna murillo LAOC Ind Orange
Elan Nadelman Other Ind Yellow
Jasmine Ng LAOC Ind Advanced
Kenneth Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
Samuel Nguyen - Troy LAOC Ind White
Isabella Nitti None Ind Yellow
Sean Ono LAOC Ind Yellow
Enoch Peng LAOC Ind Advanced
Luigi Perotti LAOC Ind Advanced
Alex Pham LAOC Ind Orange
Jonathan Pham LAOC Ind Yellow
Allan Pincus LAOC Ind Advanced
Mark Prior BAOC Ind Advanced
Ella Raziel Other Ind Yellow
Hugo Reznick Other Ind Yellow
Sean Rhee LAOC Ind Yellow
Sofia Rodriguez None Ind Advanced
Aleksey Sabunin SDO Ind Advanced
Ron Sandvick SDO Ind Advanced
Cecilia Schreyer LAOC Ind Orange
Kash Shah LAOC Ind Yellow
Brian Shard LAOC Ind Yellow
letal shimshi BGR Ind Yellow
Team Stevens None Grp (2) Yellow
Tara Sung COO Ind Yellow
timmy swanson Other Ind Yellow
Patrick Tan LAOC Ind White
Matthew Thorson None Ind Yellow
Nathan Thorson None Ind Yellow
Catalonia-O LAOC Grp (2) White
Ethan Varela LAOC Ind Advanced
Lawrence Wang LAOC Ind White
Dallas Wilson Other Ind White
Adam Wright LAOC Ind Orange
BRIAN YANG None Ind White
Michael Yang LAOC Ind Yellow
Michael Yang None Ind White
Katrina Yap LAOC Ind Advanced
Ashley Yee LAOC Ind White

Total Entered: 148
Total Registrations: 112