Santa Fe Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Santa Fe
Pirates 3 None Grp (2) Yellow
Team Dis-Oriented LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Red Falcon None Grp (2) White
Pirates 1 None Grp (2) Yellow
Pirates 2 None Grp (2) Yellow
A Pace Odyssey LAOC Grp (2) Green
He family LAOC Grp (3) White
No Directions Needed LAOC Grp (2) Yellow
Tri-Tone None Grp (3) Yellow
Igoe Clan LAOC Grp (3) White
Ross None Grp (2) White
Eyal Baruch LAOC Ind Orange
Elizabeth Boyd None Ind White
James Braza None Ind Green
Jose Burciaga LAOC Ind Green
Guillaume Calmettes LAOC Ind Green
Jeffrey Chan LAOC Ind Orange
Bruce Corning LAOC Ind Green
Mary Corrough None Ind Yellow
Diego Diaz LAOC Ind Orange
Non-Illegitimi Carborundum LAOC Grp (2) White
Patricia Eliason LAOC Ind Orange
jossalyn emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Jose Espejo LAOC Ind Orange
Justin Fernandez LAOC Ind Orange
Bruce Garbaccio LAOC Ind Green
Sigal Glassman Baruch LAOC Ind Orange
Donde Goc-Ong LAOC Ind Orange
eric guarin LAOC Ind Yellow
Michael Guerra LAOC Ind Green
Nick He LAOC Ind Orange
Todd Hook LAOC Ind Green
Bob Johnson None Ind Orange
Harvey/Neven None Grp (2) White
Junha Kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Green
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Green
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Orange
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Yellow
William Lauper LAOC Ind Orange
Grace Lee LAOC Ind Green
Kristin Louie LAOC Ind Orange
Felix Martinez LAOC Ind Green
Arline Mateo LAOC Ind Orange
Gabriela Merino LAOC Ind Orange
Christian Morales LAOC Ind Orange
Anne Mullins LAOC Ind Green
Ryan Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Isaac Peck None Ind White
Luigi Perotti LAOC Ind Green
John Phillips LAOC Ind Yellow
Nikita Phillips LAOC Ind White
John Phillips IV LAOC Ind Orange
Allan Pincus LAOC Ind Green
Teressa Pineda LAOC Ind Orange
Angel Ramos-Lopez LAOC Ind Green
Darren Robinson LAOC Ind Orange
Andy Roth None Ind Orange
Andreu Sanchez LAOC Ind Orange
Joseph Saucedo LAOC Ind Green
Scott Schmitz LAOC Ind Green
Mike Schneider None Ind White
Erin Sheppard None Ind Yellow
Karen Simon LAOC Ind Orange
Nancy Smith None Ind Yellow
Andy Su LAOC Ind Orange
Megan Sweas LAOC Ind Orange
Joel Thomson LAOC Ind Green
Jack Tian LAOC Ind Yellow
Viet Tran LAOC Ind Orange
Ivan Trillo LAOC Ind Orange
Andus Van Hao LAOC Ind Orange
Katie Wentzloff LAOC Ind Orange
Brad Weyers LAOC Ind Green
Jonah Yi LAOC Ind Yellow
Kelly Yu LAOC Ind Green
Alain Zelim-Vega LAOC Ind Orange

Total Entered: 93
Total Registrations: 77