Camp Scherman Training Weekend Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G SchermanSetting
Rachael Andrews None Ind Orange White
Alexander Bowman LAOC Ind Orange Orange
Nina Bowman None Ind Yellow Orange
Angel Card None Ind Brown NC
Kevin Culberg BAOC Ind Red NC
Riley Culberg BAOC Ind Red NC
Jer Diborgias SDO Ind Yellow NC
Tristan Dominguez Other Ind Yellow Yellow
Jason Furr None Ind Orange NC
Cecile Guerra None Ind White White
Michael Guerra LAOC Ind Green Orange
Alex He LAOC Ind Yellow NC
Nicholas He LAOC Ind Green NC
Chloe Jankowski None Ind Orange NC
Jacob Jankowski None Ind Green NC
Chase Kadel None Ind Green NC
Tae Gun Kim LAOC Ind Yellow NC
Timothy Kim LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow
Kyle Lin LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow
James Lyle None Ind Orange NC
Suzanne Lyle None Ind Orange NC
Brighton McDonald None Ind Orange NC
Laurent Mingo GVOC Ind Red Brown
Dev Mistry LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow
JAIMIE NG LAOC Ind Brown Brown
Ryan Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange Orange
Son Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow Orange
MaClare Panyas SDO Ind Yellow NC
Olivia Perez None Ind Orange NC
John Phillips LAOC Ind Brown NC
Nikita Phillips LAOC Ind Yellow NC
John Phillips V LAOC Ind Green NC
Tracey Ross LAOC Ind Orange NC
Alfred Soliman None Ind Green NC
Evan Tan LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow
Viet Tran LAOC Ind Orange Orange
Andy Wang LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow
Brad Weyers LAOC Ind Red NC
Rex Winterbottom BAOC Ind Red Red
James Wofford LAOC Ind Yellow Orange
Sharon Xing-He LAOC Ind White NC
Jonah Yi LAOC Ind Orange Orange
Jeffrey You LAOC Ind Orange NC
Albert Zou LAOC Ind Yellow Yellow

Total Entered: 44
Total Registrations: 44