Irvine Park Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Irvine O
Verity ALTOS Grp (2) White
DaRosa None Grp (2) White
Hawthorne Cougars None Grp (6) Orange
LEGENDS None Grp (4) White
Luis Acevedo LAOC Ind Orange
David Alcantara LAOC Ind Yellow
James Averitt None Ind White
James Averitt None Ind White
Yolanda Averitt None Ind White
Yolanda Averitt None Ind White
Alex Bowman LAOC Ind Orange
Orlando Brizuela LAOC Ind Orange
Nathaniel Buenaventura LAOC Ind Yellow
Thomas Bui Other Ind Orange
Kenneth Butler None Ind White
Yasmeen Cabrer LAOC Ind Yellow
Jeffrey Chan LAOC Ind Long Orange
Daniel Chung Other Ind Orange
Jack Coalson ALTOS Ind White
Sergio Delgado LAOC Ind Orange
Tristan Dominguez LAOC Ind Yellow
Patricia Eliason LAOC Ind Orange
Justin Fernandez LAOC Ind Orange
Michael Guerra LAOC Ind Long Orange
Noah Hager LAOC Ind Orange
Ian Harper LAOC Ind Long Orange
Alex He LAOC Ind Yellow
Nicholas He LAOC Ind Long Orange
Hernandez None Grp (2) White
Chris Hong Other Ind Orange
Daniel Hong Other Ind Orange
Jacob Hook LAOC Ind Long Orange
Todd Hook LAOC Ind Long Orange
Caleb Huang Other Ind Long Orange
Andrew Huynh Other Ind Orange
Erik Ibarra LAOC Ind Long Orange
Kjell Jeppson Other Ind Orange
Junha Kim LAOC Ind Orange
Timothy Kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Long Orange
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Long Orange
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Long Orange
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Orange
William Lauper LAOC Ind Long Orange
Kevin Le Other Ind Long Orange
Damon Lee LAOC Ind Long Orange
Grace Lee LAOC Ind Long Orange
Victor Lee LAOC Ind Yellow
Ryan Lee-Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Kyle Lin LAOC Ind Yellow
Ashton Liu None Ind White
Victor Liu None Ind White
Crystal Lopez LAOC Ind Yellow
Aidan Masinsin LAOC Ind Orange
Anthony Mejia LAOC Ind Yellow
Gabriela Merino LAOC Ind Long Orange
David Mirman LAOC Ind Yellow
Dev Mistry LAOC Ind Yellow
Jakob Morgan Other Ind Orange
Jaimie Ng LAOC Ind Long Orange
Andre Nguyen None Ind Long Orange
Nam Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Ryan Nguyen LAOC Ind Orange
Sean Ono LAOC Ind Long Orange
Francisco Pallanes LAOC Ind Orange
Nathan Park LAOC Ind Yellow
Kathryn Perez LAOC Ind Yellow
john phillips LAOC Ind Long Orange
Nikita phillips LAOC Ind White
John Phillips V LAOC Ind Long Orange
Sushovan Pyne LAOC Ind Orange
Katelyn Quinn Other Ind Orange
Geraldo Ramirez LAOC Ind Orange
Isaac Ramirez Other Ind Orange
Angel Ramos-Lopez LAOC Ind Long Orange
C Asia Ray LAOC Ind Orange
Jannely Renderos LAOC Ind Orange
Gabriel Rojas LAOC Ind Yellow
Tracey Ross LAOC Ind Yellow
Esmeralda Salcido Other Ind Orange
Ronny Sandvick SDO Ind Long Orange
Erin Sheppard LAOC Ind Orange
Evan Tan LAOC Ind Yellow
Viet Tran LAOC Ind Orange
Ivan Trillo-Lopez LAOC Ind Orange
Alex Vo Other Ind Orange
Andy Wang LAOC Ind Yellow
James Wofford LAOC Ind Yellow
Aaron Yoon LAOC Ind Yellow
Jeffrey You LAOC Ind Orange
Kelly Yu LAOC Ind Long Orange
Casandra Zamudio LAOC Ind Long Orange
Alain Zelim-Vega LAOC Ind Long Orange
Albert Zou LAOC Ind Yellow

Total Entered: 107
Total Registrations: 96