Red Rock Classic Registration List

The following entries have been received by the event registrar. Please contact the Event Registrar if you have any questions.

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Name Club I/G Red Rock
Phoenix LAOC Grp (3) White
Macrazies LAOC Grp (3) Yellow
Air Conditioning Reimagined LAOC Grp (6) Orange
Luis Acevedo LAOC Ind Orange
Adwit Aggarwal LAOC Ind Yellow
David Alcantara LAOC Ind Yellow
Rachael Andrews None Ind Brown
Christina Aumann None Ind White
WestGG None Grp (3) Yellow
Benson Bass LAOC Ind Orange
Alex Bowman LAOC Ind Yellow
Nick Bowman None Ind Yellow
Orlando Brizuela LAOC Ind Orange
Yasmeen Cabrer LAOC Ind Yellow
Angel Card None Ind Brown
Jeffrey Chan LAOC Ind Orange
Kadel Chase None Ind Green
Wayne Cottrell None Ind Yellow
Sergio Delgado LAOC Ind Orange
Tristan Dominguez LAOC Ind Yellow
Faye Doria UNO Ind Brown
Patricia Eliason LAOC Ind Orange
jossalyn emslie LAOC Ind Orange
Bruce Garbaccio LAOC Ind Green
Michael Guerra LAOC Ind Green
Noah Hager LAOC Ind Yellow
Brian Hall LAOC Ind Orange
Regan Hand None Ind Orange
Ian Harper LAOC Ind Orange
Alex He LAOC Ind Yellow
Jacob Hook LAOC Ind Green
Todd Hook LAOC Ind Green
Erik Ibarra LAOC Ind Green
Yuliza Infante LAOC Ind Orange
Chloe Jankowski None Ind Orange
Jacob Jankowski None Ind Green
Chase Kadel None Ind Green
Tae Gun Kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Timothy Kim LAOC Ind Yellow
Alexander Kiperman LAOC Ind Red
Eugene Kiperman LAOC Ind Red
John Kuechle LAOC Ind Brown
Nancy Kuechle LAOC Ind Yellow
Damon Lee LAOC Ind Green
Ryan Lee-Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Kyle Lin LAOC Ind Yellow
Crystal Lopez LAOC Ind Yellow
Suzanne Lyle None Ind Yellow
Aidan Masinsin LAOC Ind Orange
Alex Mason LAOC Ind Yellow
Gene Mason LAOC Ind Green
Brighton McDonald None Ind Orange
Anthony Mejia LAOC Ind Yellow
Gabriela Merino LAOC Ind Brown
Dev Mistry LAOC Ind Yellow
Christopher Mohr None Ind Orange
Nam Nguyen LAOC Ind Yellow
Francisco Pallanes LAOC Ind Orange
Nathan Park LAOC Ind Yellow
Kyle Paronto None Ind Orange
Olivia Perez None Ind Orange
john phillips LAOC Ind Brown
Nikita phillips LAOC Ind White
John Phillips V LAOC Ind Green
Geraldo Ramirez LAOC Ind Orange
Angel Ramos-Lopez LAOC Ind Green
C Asia Ray LAOC Ind Orange
Darren Robinson LAOC Ind Brown
Gabriel Rojas LAOC Ind Yellow
Joseph Saucedo LAOC Ind Green
Erin Sheppard LAOC Ind Orange
Alfred Soliman None Ind Green
Evan Tan LAOC Ind Yellow
Sage Thompson LAOC Ind Brown
Viet Tran LAOC Ind Orange
Andus Van Hao LAOC Ind Orange
Andy Wang LAOC Ind Yellow
Joelyn Weathers None Ind Orange
James Wofford LAOC Ind Yellow
Austin Yanoti None Ind Orange
Jonah Yi LAOC Ind Orange
Aaron Yoon LAOC Ind Yellow
Casandra Zamudio LAOC Ind Brown
Alain Zelim-Vega LAOC Ind Green
Albert Zou LAOC Ind Yellow

Total Entered: 96
Total Registrations: 85