Featured here are some useful links to mapping software and hardware info. Software and hardware are also common topics of discussion and debate on the Yahoo O-Map group.

IOF Mapping Specifications

The International Orienteering Federation has created mapping standards for all types of maps. New Sprint Map specifications were published in 2019 for use in competition maps starting in 2020.

How to use LiDAR Imagery with OCAD 11 / 12 / 2018

Download the following PDFs with step-by-step instructions on using OCAD (12 or 11, or the subscription version, 2018) alongside LiDAR imagery, with suggestions on where to find the LiDAR files you will need. (author: Peter Goodwin)

Creating Orienteering Basemaps using LiDAR

Complementary to the above instructions regarding "how to use LiDAR in OCAD", this article goes further into the topic of creating base maps. (author: Bill Cusworth; contact Bill for the original 11 MB PDF)

For easier downloading, the PDF has been split into 10 parts. Please download each one for the complete presentations.

  1. Part 1 of Creating Orienteering Basemaps using LiDAR (abbreviated COBL below) (1.21 MB)
  2. Part 2 of COBL (1.77 MB)
  3. Part 3 of COBL (1.9 MB)
  4. Part 4 of COBL (1.2 MB)
  5. Part 5 of COBL (1.89 MB)
  6. Part 6 of COBL (1.58 MB)
  7. Part 7 of COBL (1.68 MB)
  8. Part 8 of COBL (1.16 MB)
  9. Part 9 of COBL (1.52 MB)
  10. Part 10 of COBL (1.1 MB)

updated 10 October 2018