Instructions for O Mailing Lists

E-mail lists and forums: USOFClubnet, "Boardnet," O-map, Sportident, and O_Net E-mail lists

Orienteering mail lists have been created within the YahooGroups system, including USOFClubnet (sometimes simply called Clubnet), and OUSA-bod (the Orienteering USA board of directors' mailing list, sometimes referred to as Boardnet, to which board members can read and post; others may join but access is read-only).  There's also a YahooGroup for map-makers, O-map, which lets those interested share ideas and sources (our own Mappers pages are another good place to start). A group specifically dedicated to questions about the e-punching system that is used in the U.S. is called Sportident.  You can access them from the YahooGroups site.

The O-Net, the first worldwide orienteering mail list, is now found on YahooGroups, where it is called O_Net. You can view and post messages without subscribing, but must subscribe with Yahoo in order to automatically receive messages posted to a group and to view pre-Yahoo archive O-net and any other files. In recent years, much of the functionality of the O-net has been replaced by the discussion forums on which was started and is maintained by an active orienteer.

Subscribing and Posting Messages By Registering with YahooGroups

Go to and follow the online instructions to register and then join the USOFClubnet, ousa-bod, O-map, O_net, or Sportident mail group. (Note that O-map contains a hyphen, and O_net has an underscore.)

Subscribing and Posting Messages Directly on YahooGroups

(Important: Replace NAME with the actual name of the group in your mail message: USOFClubnet, O-map, O_net, or Sportident )

  • To subscribe, send an empty e-mail message to

Once you are subscribed, you can make changes using the following e-mail addresses:

  • To change from digest to individual messages, send an empty e-mail message to:
  • To change from individual messages to a daily digest, send an empty e-mail message to:
  • To post a message, send it to:
  • To send a message to the list moderator, send it to the group's "owner":
  • To unsubscribe, send an empty e-mail message to:

O-Net Archives

Archive of O-Net messages from 1992 through October 2001 (you must be registered with YahooGroups--that is, signed in with a registered ID--to access these archive files).