U.S. Orienteers at the 2011 World Masters Orienteering Championships

The 2011 World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) took place July 1-8 in Pécs, Hungary. Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club's Sharon Crawford, eleven-time U.S. women's champion as an elite competitor, continued her remarkable orienteering career, earning a Gold medal in the Long Distance race and a Silver medal in the Sprint in her age group. She has participated at the World level in previous elite Orienteering Championships, Masters Championships, Trail Orienteering Championships, and Ski-orienteering Championships, as well as numerous U.S. Championships.

> Sharon's summary of WMOC 2011 on the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club website (includes photos)

Representing the United States were the following athletes in age groups from 40+ to 65+:

MEN CLUBEvent - Placing/Field
Csaba Tiszttartó M40 York Running MachinesSprint B - 32/39
Long B - 33/43
Andras Revesz M45 Delaware Valley Orienteering AssociationSprint A - 57/81
Long B - 15/51
Joseph Sackett M45 ChicagOSprint C - (nc)
Long B - 24/51
Tapio Karras M50 Bay Area Orienteering ClubSprint A - 63/79
Long B - 47/77
Gary Kraght M55 Bay Area Orienteering ClubSprint C - 27/54
Long - (did not compete)
Charlie Shahbazian M55 ChicagOSprint D - (nc)
Long C - 7/60
Charles DeWeese M60 Ratlum Mountain Athletic ClubSprint B - 35/80
Long B - 69/82
George Minarik M60 Bay Area Orienteering ClubSprint C - 35/81
Long D - 26/60
Dennis Wildfogel M60 Bay Area Orienteering ClubSprint B - (mp)
Long C - 6/83
Richard Gaylord M65 ChicagOSprint E - (mp)
Long D - 18/44
Nancy Bowers W40 Austin Orienteering ClubSprint B - 23/28
Long B - 21/31
Dorina Nimigean W50 New England Orienteering ClubSprint B - 25/65
Long B - 21/43
Natalia Deconescu W55 ChicagOSprint A - 21/81
Long A - 75/80
Sharon Crawford W65 Rocky Mountain OCSprint A - 2/81
Long A - 1/81