2016 U.S. National Orienteering Team Announced

The U.S. National Team Selection Committee [Victoria Campbell, Peggy Dickison, Kristin Hall, Patrick Nuss, and Eric Weyman] is pleased to announce the selection of the 2016 U.S. National Orienteering Team (Foot-O). Athletes who indicated their interest in being on the Senior Team by submitting an Athlete Agreement were placed on the Elite, Performance or Development team.


Alison Campbell, Alison Crocker, Hannah Culberg, Alex Jospe, Kseniya Popova,Samantha Saeger
Greg Ahlswede, Giacomo Barbone, Eric Bone, Ethan Childs, Jordan Laughlin


Tori Borish, Cristina Luis
Ian Smith, Boris Granovskiy, Will Enger, Ross Smith, Ken Walker Jr., Brendan Shields


Isabel Bryant, Mariama Dryak
Connor Frost, Morten Jorgensen

Congratulations to all!

Criteria for selection to the Senior Team:

Selection is based on those who submitted Athlete Agreements, indicating their desire to be named to the Sr. Team. From that pool, A-meet and international M/F21 performances during the preceding year were used to divide the members into Elite, Performance and Development teams.

Senior Elite Team — athletes who consistently produce top-level U.S. results in F21/M21.

Senior Performance Team — athletes who frequently produce strong U.S. results in F21/M21, at or near the level of the Elite Team.

Senior Development Team — athletes who have demonstrated potential to reach Performance/Elite level with further training and experience.

Selection Notes:
Athletes who are turning 21 may be placed on the Development Team based on their results in F20/M20.

An athlete may progress from the Development team, to the Performance Team, to the Elite Team and back to the Performance Team, but never back to the Development Team.

There is a 1 year grace period to remain on a team if there are extenuating circumstances [prolonged illness/injury, major life changes].

29 January 2016