2016 U.S. Team to WOC Announced!

U.S. Team to World Orienteering Championships 2016 in Sweden

The Review Panel is proud to announce the U.S. 2016 WOC Team (listed in alphabetical order):


  • Hannah Culberg (QOC)
  • Alexandra Jospe (CSU)
  • Kseniya Popova (HVO)
  • Hillary Saeger (NEOC)
  • Samantha Saeger (NEOC / OK Linne)
  • Alternate: Cristina Luis (TSN / Nydalens SK)


  • Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
  • Eric Bone (COC)
  • Will Enger (COC)
  • Michael Laraia (MNOC)
  • Ross Smith (CSU / OK Linne)
  • Alternate: Greg Ahlswede (DVOA / Escondite (Spain))

Congratulations to the U.S. Team! The Team Leader will be named later.

Details on how the Review Panel selected team members and specific race assignments at WOC may be found in this document (PDF). Their guidance from the Team Executive Steering Committee included:

  • Select the best team to represent the USA at WOC.
  • Select 4-6 men and 4-6 women. Six should be selected only under unusual circumstances.
  • Designate athletes for each race start and one reserve from the athletes already selected.

Special thanks should go to Becky Carlyle (team trials course designer) and her parents, Wendy and Tony; Edward Despard (technical guru); and other important volunteers including Peter and Gail Gagarin, Rick Worner, Nadia Popova, Judy Karpinski, Linda Kohn, Lex and Pete Bundschuh, and others. Since the Trials event was not part of a national meet this small group pulled together to present a challenging test on applicable terrain to select the best team to compete August 20–28 in Sweden.

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