2017 September Rankings - Kings and Queens

These rankings are current as of July 2017. Of note, we have 55 ranked runners in M-21+! Considering that usually the M55 and older classes dominate the numbers, this is great! In the junior classes, we have a tie between QOC and GAOC for the highest number of age group leaders, while in the 21 and older classes, we have a tie between DVOA and BAOC for the most age group leaders. And Sharon Crawford continues to dominate both the F70+ and the F35+ categories, because she is a living legend. Congrats to all!

F/M-10: Nicole Aleksieva (QOC), John Raterman (OCIN)
F/M-12: Alexandra Oxenstierna (HVO), Patrick Hession (QOC)
F/M-14: Kirsten Mayland (DVOA), Nathan Linardi (GAOC)
F/M-16: Diana Aleksieva (QOC), Patrick Smith (GAOC)
F/M-18: Shania Rodney (GAOC), Aidan Minto (ICO)
F/M-20: Isabel Bryant (NEOC), Anton Salmenkyla (CSU)
F/M-21+: Hannah Culberg (QOC), Greg Ahlswede (DVOA)
F/M35+: Sharon Crawford (RMOC), Greg Walker (Truckee OC)
F/M40+: Marie-Josee Parayre (BAOC), Jonathan Campbell (COC)
F/M45+: Pia Webb (CSU), Sergiy Gnatiouk (HVO)
F/M50+: Kristin Hall (NEOC), Gregory Balter (DVOA)
F/M55+: Karen Muffatti (WCOC), Tapio Karras (BAOC)
F/M60+: Natalia Deconescu (CAOC), Tim Parson (NEOC)
F/M65+: Mary Jo Childs (GMOC), Stephen Tarry (UNO)
F/M70+: Sharon Crawford (RMOC), Dennis Wildfogel (BAOC)
F/M75+: Judy Dickinson (HVO), Hugh MacMullan (DVOA)
F/M80+: Ed Hicks (HVO)

posted 28 September 2017