2018 President's Award Recipients


Andrea is being recognized for her work with the U.S. Junior Teams and National Junior Program (NJP). Earlier this year, she was officially appointed Junior Team Administrator.  Andrea is the bookkeeper for the Junior program and keeps a close eye on their finances. The Board appreciates all of the work she does to help keep the Junior finances straight. Andrea has also led NJP fundraising efforts at numerous national events, mostly through the ubiquitous Junior Team sandwich sales. No trivial task, the planning, shopping, preparing, and distributing the ordered sandwiches, takes substantial time and effort.

In addition, for numerous national events to which juniors have traveled long distances without parents, Andrea has coordinated lodging and transportation—both to and from—airports and event venues. This has enabled many juniors to participate in events that they might not have been able to otherwise attend.


Bob is being recognized for all of the work he has done for OUSA during his six years on the Board, with the last few years as VP of Clubs. Bob has brought his extensive knowledge of marketing and online savvy to OUSA, helping to move us in the right direction to make orienteering more attractive to newcomers. In the past year, he has created a new booklet for clubs to help them get ready to welcome new orienteers, and he also created the new OUSA Library online, where we will host many of our administrative documents to make them more accessible to future boards. His recent work with the Technology Committee was invaluable, and he is still willing to lend his expertise to that work.

posted 7 September 2018