2018 Silva Award Winners, Greg and Kathleen Lennon

The Board of Directors of the Quantico Orienteering Club nominated Greg and Kathleen Lennon for the 2018 Silva Award. We are recognizing this dynamic duo as a couple, because they have individually and jointly devoted their time, talents, and energy to promote and support the sport of Orienteering at both the national and local levels for many years.

At the local level, Greg and Kathleen served as co-presidents of the Quantico Club for 6 years from 2004-2010. During their tenure, QOC sponsored two nationally sanctioned Championship events in 2007 and 2009. Through their collective efforts, QOC experienced tremendous growth as a club, in terms of the total number of members, the number of local meets, and the volume of starts. As a result, QOC grew to be one of the largest Clubs in the U.S. and remains so today. Both Greg and Kathleen have continued their dedicated involvement with QOC up to the present time, serving on the Board of Directors and chairing various committees and workgroups.

Greg is significantly involved in generating and producing maps for many of QOC’s local meets. He is involved in maintaining and updating the QOC website and events calendar. Greg also took the lead in transferring the QOC membership file from a simple spreadsheet to an on-line cloud-based full membership management system. Kathleen has been the driving force behind publicizing QOC’s meets and activities, both in the mainstream media and on various social media platforms. She has designed and produced marketing materials and orienteering-related garments and other paraphernalia that are used to promote the sport and market both local and national events.

Greg has long served on the OUSA Board, including serving as the Vice President of Club Services for many years. As the Vice President, he worked to develop support programs designed to aid and provide resources to local clubs. Like he did at the local level, Greg spearheaded the creation of an electronic membership database at the national level as well. He has been instrumental in seeking out and raising funds for national OUSA initiatives. He has been involved with OUSA’s website operation and the establishment of the interface between the website and PayPal. He was involved in helping to create OUSA’s electronic newsletter. He has staged introductory Lidar base-map programs for clubs around the country. Both Greg and Kathleen have been extensively involved in organizing and promoting the U.S. Mountain Bike Orienteering Team, including raising funds to support the team.

Kathleen has been extensively involved with the OUSA’s social media initiative for years. She created and amplified OUSA’s Facebook presence, by creating and posting content regularly. In addition, she created a Facebook group for OUSA club representatives who wanted to expand the use of Facebook to reach potential orienteers. Kathleen helped interested clubs with creating high-quality social media content, by providing content that clubs could share and use, and she educated club officials on how to maximize their social media visibility.

Greg and Kathleen Lennon have clearly demonstrated outstanding service to the sport of orienteering and the national orienteering community for many, many years. They have worked tirelessly to promote the sport and strengthen the organizations that will help to sustain and grow the sport in the future.

posted 7 September 2018