2015 WOC Team Selection and Team Trials Rules

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Review Panel

The following have been selected to serve on the Review Panel for the selection of the team to represent the United States at the 2015 WOC:

  • Kris Beecroft
  • Peggy Dickison
  • Glen Tryson
  • Jonathan Campbell
  • Tori Campbell (late addition)

Please remember that the panel will be assigning team members to run specific races so that all team members will know which races they are running. Also, the panel has the prerogative to delay the announcement if they need more time to make the final decision.

Events Timeline


11 – 13
Personal Spots
Regional Champs — NAOC, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Middle (WRE) — Oct 11
  • Long (WRE) — Oct 12
December 10Signed Athlete’s Agreement submission deadline for consideration for the Sr. Elite, Performance,
and Development teams.


January 1Sr. Elite, Performance, and Development teams announced
March 1Declaration of Intent submission deadline for WOC 2015
Signed Athlete’s Agreement submission deadline if not currently on Sr. Standing Team
Team Trials
National Spots
The Team Trials’ timing and location:
Flying Pig, U.S. S/M/L Champs, Mar 27–29, 2015, Olive Hill, KY.
See below
for changes in WOC Team selection processes.
1 week
WOC 2015 Team announced with specific athlete/race assignments
August 1 - 7
WOC 2015
  • Saturday 1 Aug: Sprint Relay
  • Sunday 2 Aug: Sprint Qualification / Sprint Final
  • Monday 3 Aug: Rest
  • Tuesday 4 Aug: Middle Final
  • Wed. 5 Aug: Relay
  • Thursday 6 Aug: Rest
  • Friday 7 Aug: Long Final

WOC National Spots

In 2014, a new qualification system was introduced at WOC for the Middle and Long distance races, with the removal of qualification races in those disciplines. In addition, a new discipline—the mixed sprint relay—was added.

The new WOC qualification system for Middle and Long introduced a three-division ranking system, in which the top eight nations in the world form the first division and get three starting spots each, nations 9–22 get two spots, and nations 23 and lower get one spot. All nations are thus guaranteed at least one starting place in the Middle and Long finals. The countries are ranked separately for men and women on the basis of the results in the Long, Middle, and Relay competitions in the past two WOCs. At the end of each year, the nations move between the divisions based on the points from the two previous years.

Reference Revised Rule G.1.7, approved by the Orienteering USA Board January 26, 2015.

National spots for USA at WOC 2015

In 2015, U.S. men are in Division 3, and U.S. women are in Division 2.

Sprint RelaySprint Q/FMiddleRelayLong
2 men
2 women
3 men
3 women
1 man
2 women
3 men
3 women
1 man
2 women

WOC Personal Spots

In addition to the National spots, for WOC 2015 there are four Personal spots awarded by the IOF. These are awarded to the 2014 North American regional champions (male and female) in the Middle and Long distance races, and they will be given an automatic entry into the corresponding WOC 2015 final. These spots are not transferable to other athletes.

WOC 2015 Selection Policy


The makeup of the U.S. Team to the World Orienteering Championships (the WOC Team) is based primarily on the results of a team selection competition (the Team Trials) held during the period 2 to 4 months before the WOC. This competition can be held as part of an A-meet, or it can be a separate event, subject to the regulations of a normal A-meet, except that only the M21 and F21 categories are required.  Designation of a meet as the Team Trials will be made jointly by the Team ESC and the Sanctioning Committee. The meet must be, at a minimum, open to all persons eligible to represent the USA at the WOC. The Team Trials will have three races.

Team Trials Selection Races
Flying Pig, U.S. S/M/L Champs, Mar 27–29, 2015, Olive Hill, KY

For WOC 2015, there will be some changes from previous years in how athletes are selected for the WOC team.

  1. Any runner who has earned a start by winning the NAOC long or middle will be added to the team.  If they wish to run in other events they will need to meet the requirements set forth for selecting the other slots.  In 2015, the following will have personal starts:  Samantha Saeger—Long,  Sandra Lauenstein—Middle.
  2. TT Sprint winner will make the team and earn a start in at least one sprint event.  Sprint winner must qualify in the Scoring List to run the middle, long or relay.
  3. There will be a scoring list using the S/M/L (no ranking score).  The same scoring method will be used as in previous years except that all three scores will be counted.  The top 2 on the scoring list for the men will be automatically selected.  The top 3 on the scoring list for the women will be automatically selected. The Review Panel will fill in all available starts, preferentially from those who have already been selected automatically. If needed, the Review Panel will select additional runners in order to fill all available starts using the results of the scoring list and taking into consideration race schedule and athlete strengths, versatility, and personal priorities.  Petitioners must clearly demonstrate performance that is superior to those up for consideration who have competed at the trials.
  4. The Review Panel has flexibility in naming specific runners to each relay event vs. naming a relay 'pool'.
  5. At least one reserve runner will be named for each event. The reserves may be named from those already selected for a different event.
  6. The minimum team size is four men and four women (to cover forest relay + reserve). The maximum team size is six men and six women.
  7. At the Team Trials, the aforementioned automatic selections will be announced as having been selected to the team, as well as anyone who has qualified by winning at NAOC.  If the Review Panel needs more time to make their decisions, the final full team will be announced within one week after the trials.

Team Candidacy Declaration

An e-mail will be sent to TT registrants prior to the Team Trials and will be due back to the ESC by March 1, 2015. In his or her response, each competitor must declare:

"WOC-Eligible": whether they are eligible to represent the USA at the WOC, which is currently defined as having an active USOF membership and U.S. Passport by 48 hours before the first start on the first day of the Team Trials

"WOC-Candidate": if eligible, whether he/she is intending to participate in the WOC if he/she wins a slot on the WOC Team and which races they wish to be considered for and which they don’t. Please list all events so that there is no ambiguity. Also, please list them in priority order. Example:

  1. Middle — yes
  2. Relay — yes
  3. Long — yes
  4. Sprint relay — yes
  5. Sprint — no

Review Panel

A Review Panel consisting of a minimum of three persons and a maximum of five persons will named by the ESC and approved by the OUSA VP in charge of teams. The members of the Review Panel will be listed in the meet registration information. The majority of the members of the Review Panel will have no direct affiliation with the U.S. Standing Team (ESC members, Team members or coaching staff). The Review Panel members need not be in attendance at the Team Trials if suitable arrangements (e.g. telephone, internet) can be arranged for discussion.

Petitioning Process

In order for a petitioning candidate to be eligible for the WOC team, certain criteria must be met:

The candidate must submit a petition to the ESC requesting consideration for an exception. For a candidate who competes at the Team Trials, this petition must be submitted within one hour of the competitor's reporting to the finish on the final day of the Team Trials, and explain the circumstances why he/she was not able to produce a representative result (e.g. illness, misprinted map, other organizer error, etc.). For candidates who do not compete at the Team Trials, the petition must be submitted before the first start on the final day of the Team Trials, and explain why he/she was unable to attend. Specific information regarding to whom petitions should be submitted must appear in the meet invitation. Petitions must be signed by the petitioner, and may not be submitted on behalf of other people.

Petition content — In addition to the explanation above, it is strongly recommended that the petition include representative recent results which the petitioner believes will qualify them for WOC.  This is especially true of the petitioners using the out-of-the-country rule, for which direct comparison to other competitors at the Team Trials can be difficult.  Suggested content includes WRE event results and ranking, and/or race results vs. other recent WOC attendees (from any country) which could be useful for the committee in estimating likely WOC performance.

The candidate must either:

Be ranked in the top 3 WOC-eligible people in M21/F21 Orienteering USA Rankings for the 0-12 month period prior to the Team Trials.


Have won at least one of the following:

1) the last Two-day Classic Champs preceding the Team Trials (combined result), US Classic Champs, August 9-10, 2014, Lake George, CO).
2) the last Sprint, Middle or Long Champs preceding the Team Trials, (US Nationals, October 3-5, 2014, Rochester, NY)
3) any race of the Team Trials itself,


Be living outside of North America for at least 6 of the previous 12 months preceding the Team Trials, and submit along with the petition a summary of his/her (foreign) competition results and world ranking (if available) for the preceding year.

Grievance Process

The selection of individuals to the Team described herein will be the sole decision of the Review Panel. In cases where malfeasance or corruption on the part of the Review Panel is alleged, a grievance may be filed with the Orienteering USA Grievance Committee, which may call for a new Review Panel to be convened.

Results and Team Announcement

updated April 3, 2015