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Navy Junior ROTC Area Six Leadership Academy Orienteering Training Manual

NOTE: The OTM was compiled in 2008, has NOT been updated, and some URLs are out of date, especially those to the OUSA website. Please note that the URL for the OUSA Rules is now https://orienteeringusa.org/rules.
Contact the webmaster for an updated (2.4 MB) copy of the OTM, or if you have questions about URLs.

The Orienteering Training Manual compiled by LCDR Matthew Pheiffer, while primarily aimed at cadets training in Leadership, may offer insights to others learning the sport and coaches working with youth groups. The accompanying presentation (broken into five separate PDFs) can be used in conjunction with the Manual.

LCDR Pheiffer has generously given his permission for distribution of these documents, as long as he receives credit for his work.

The documents are large so download times may be long, depending on your Internet connection. Rather than opening each document directly from this web page, it is recommended that you copy them to a CD or DVD, or to your computer or system, using the right mouse button (Windows) or click-and-hold (Mac) on each link to bring up a "Save File/Link As" option.

NJROTC Area 6 Leadership Academy OTM (5.14 MB) PDF (See note above about an updated version available)

LCDR Pheiffer's original Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation has been broken into sections and saved in PDF format, due to its large size (over 200 slides): (note: links have not been updated. See Note above)

Below is LCDR Pheiffer's introduction to the Orienteering Training Manual.


Every element of the Navy Junior ROTC program was designed with the purpose of developing young leaders. Orienteering was included in our curriculum with exactly this goal in mind. It's such a great blend of physical and intellectual effort: the higher order thinking skills of deciphering a map on the run, the physical and mental demands under time pressure; classroom theory coupled with in-field practice; both individual and team effort.

Your role as a cadet selected for Leadership Academy is not only to improve your own leadership skills, but also to improve your orienteering skills and in turn your orienteering team's skills. This handbook is designed to aid you, the Leadership Academy graduate, improve your orienteering ability, and better equip you to assist your Naval Science Instructor coach the team.

You will improve your knowledge of orienteering rules and understanding of map symbols and control codes. You will learn how to make an orienteering map and how to set a fair, challenging course. You will learn how to run an orienteering team practice, how to prepare for a meet, how to use effective course strategies, and how to analyze your team's performance afterward. Finally, you'll learn how to host a challenging meet for other units to enjoy.

I encourage you to carefully study this manual and share it with your team. I hope to improve it every year. Please send me any suggestions or ideas for inclusion in next year's manual to me at: pheiffermt [at] training [dot] navy [dot] mil

I will give you and your unit full credit for any ideas or activities that I include in next year's version.

I wish you every success this coming year. May you run swiftly and navigate accurately.

LCDR Matthew Pheiffer
USN (Ret), SNSI, Hilton Head Island H.S. NJROTC

updated 24 November 2017